Articles by Atul Hatwal
Atul Hatwal is editor of Labour Uncut

Centre forward

Atul Hatwal and Gisela Stuart MP  |  2 November 2016

What does the centre-ground look like in a Brexit era? Gisela Stuart and Atul Hatwal survey the landscape.

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Tackling migration myths

Atul Hatwal  |  10 April 2014

Getting tone and message right is essential for discussing immigration, advises Atul Hatwal That is the toughest subject for Labour on the doorstep? It is a fair bet you have just answered ‘immigration,’ the one topic where various Labour politicians have fallen over themselves to say ‘sorry.’ Yet if some have expressed regret for the scale of migration …

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How does Labour win a majority?

Atul Hatwal and Marcus Roberts  |  10 March 2014

Labour risks falling short next May, agree Atul Hatwal and Marcus Roberts. Here they present their solutions The poll lead is shrinking, our leader trails David Cameron by double digits on who voters would rather see as prime minister, and Labour lags the Tories on trust on the economy by, again, double digits. No opposition …

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A History of the Liberal Party since 1900

Atul Hatwal  |  28 May 2013

Adjectives such as ‘comprehensive’, ‘rigorous’ and ‘learned’ are sure to litter reviews of David Dutton’s new history of the Liberal party. It does indeed possess each of these attributes, and more. The book gives a full account of each of the major turning points for the Liberals since 1900. There is a lucid answer to …

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