Articles by Ben Maloney
Ben Maloney is secretary of Enfield Southgate CLP and a member of the Movement for Change team

The Movement for Change lives on

Ben Maloney  |  28 January 2011

This week's endorsement of the Movement for Change by Ed and David Miliband is a remarkably bold statement by the Labour leadership.

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Fighting back against the housing benefit cuts

Ben Maloney  |  25 November 2010

As thousands of householders are forced out of central London as a result of the government's housing benefit cuts, it's time for Labour to fight back. In recent weeks the Labour party has been criticised for lacking direction, but the cuts agenda is something that should be focusing the minds of Labour party members and crystallising what we stand for.

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How M4C is strengthening Labour in communities

Ben Maloney  |  18 November 2010

Last week I focused on the Movement for Change model. This week I'd like to give a specific example of how it can be successfully applied in a community - fixing a problem that has blighted the lives of many for years on end.

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Movement for Change and community organising

Ben Maloney  |  10 November 2010

The Movement for Change could be one of the most enduring legacies of the Labour leadership campaign, and it has already made an impact in communities across the country. But dispelling some of the myths around it will also be essential for ensuring its and Labour's future success.

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