Articles by Bex Bailey
Bex Bailey is the Youth Rep on Labour's National Executive Committee

Forward, not back on women’s representation

Bex Bailey  |  22 June 2017

The general election represented a welcome stride forward for the Labour party on women’s representation – but the job is far from done, argues former NEC youth rep Bex Bailey Labour now has more women MPs than at any point in its history. We must seize on this progress and not stop until we have achieved …

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Midlands calling

Bex Bailey  |  16 May 2017

Preventing Labour going backwards on women’s representation depends on us saving seats in the Midlands, writes Bex Bailey As the Tories target Labour seats with majorities of 8,000 or less, female members of parliament in the Midlands need our help. Only two are in truly safe seats – with many fighting tough battles. If you are …

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Everywoman: A review

Bex Bailey  |  1 March 2017

Bex Bailey finds encouragement from Jess Phillips’ feminist volume ‘You will never be popular’, starts Jess Phillips – words spoken to her by Harriet Harman when she first began speaking out for women in parliament. Women who speak out tend to receive a barrage of abuse – especially, ironically, when they are talking about the abuses …

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A message to Donald Trump

Bex Bailey  |  23 January 2017

#womensmarch sent a message to world leaders everywhere that women will not back down, writes Bex Bailey As Donald Trump settled in to the Oval Office on Saturday, millions of people worldwide took to the streets to march for women’s rights. In London, Labour members, trade unionists and thousands of first-time marchers mobilised too. Spectators …

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Use it or lose it?

Bex Bailey  |  24 August 2016

The Institute for Fiscal Studies yesterday published a report showing that the 18 per cent gender pay gap steadily worsens once women have children. Alongside better quality part-time jobs, affordable childcare, a living wage and equal pay audits, greater uptake of shared parental leave from fathers would go a long way to closing the gap. …

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Has Labour stalled on women?

Bex Bailey  |  20 May 2016

Labour is the party of equality. That is why I joined, and I am proud of what Labour achieved in government to make our society more equal. But we cannot neglect our own backyard. Labour did lots for women’s equality in government but women in the party are still held back, often facing sexism and …

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Trust the public on public services

Bex Bailey  |  7 October 2014

A big debate about devolution is brewing. For some, this is about more than empowering town halls or creating new layers of government in our regions. Instead of more politicians, they want to go one step further and devolve power directly to users of public services – in line with Ed Miliband’s agenda of people-powered …

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Too many men: The problem with all-male panels

Bex Bailey and Jacqui Smith  |  15 September 2014

Many of us heading to Labour party conference this year received our passes in the post last week. A brief flick through the fringe guide and it is quickly clear that, once again, we have an all-male panel problem. What is wrong with all-male panels? After all, men do dominate in all areas of public …

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Transforming the system

Bex Bailey  |  25 July 2014

Part of Labour’s general election strategy is to win the votes of first-time voters, young and old. This requires getting those who have never voted before onto the register and out of the door on polling day: not a small challenge. Too often the conversation around registration and turnout is focused on the problems and …

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