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Bilal Mahmood

Bridging the social mobility gap

Bilal Mahmood  |  13 September 2017

The next Labour government must tear down the barriers to social mobility that young Muslims living in the United Kingdom face, argues Bilal Mahmood The Social Mobility Commission has reported that young Muslims living in the United Kingdom face an enormous challenge in reaching their full potential at every stage of their lives. Despite growing trends …

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Together against Islamaphobia

Bilal Mahmood  |  21 November 2016

I am cautious of mixing my faith with my politics despite being proud and influenced by both. Growing up after 9/11, I worried that I would be pigeonholed by my identity: that my faith, my name or the colour of my skin alone would predetermine what I represented or how people saw me. When I stood …

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British bill of wrongs

Bilal Mahmood  |  23 August 2016

Liz Truss continues the legacy of Conservative justice secretaries pledging to scrap the Human Rights Act that contains the European Convention of Human Rights for a British Bill of Rights. A combination of a lack of political will and just being a bad idea shows yet again that this policy is a solution in search …

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Our shame of aspiration has to stop

Bilal Mahmood  |  26 May 2015

Perhaps the most poignant moment of my election campaign was questions and answers with a local Scouts chapter. A very bright young person asked me, ‘You work as a solicitor in the City of London and practice corporate finance law. Nothing about you says ‘Labour.’ So why stand for them?’ It is that question and the …

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Knowing your Aida from your Aldi

Bilal Mahmood  |  27 March 2014

The recent blog post from Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission policy chief Peter Brant has caused more harm than good. He argued that the a significant barrier to working class young people being more successful at university and in their professional careers is because of specific barriers including ‘lack of shared cultural experiences (eg …

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Rescuing social mobility

Bilal Mahmood  |  11 January 2013

Last week universities minister David Willetts said that universities and the Office for Fair Access should focus on the inclusion of white working-class boys as a target group for recruitment in university access agreements, which universities have to sign to gain permission to charge higher fees. In other words, as a result of the government’s …

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A fundamental fudge

Bilal Mahmood  |  19 December 2012

Yesterday, the nine-person commission on a UK bill of rights released its findings after nearly 20 months of consultation, investigation and review. Its conclusion? Well, they are not really sure. At best, ‘wait and see’ until after the referendum on Scottish independence (devolved assemblies hate the idea of a UK bill of rights) and, at …

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