Articles by Blair McDougall
Blair McDougall is campaign director of the Better Together campaign

Stop apologising

Blair McDougall  |  6 October 2017

Scottish Labour stopped the unthinkable austerity and calamity of leaving the union. The new leader must remember how, and why, to win again in Scotland, argues Blair McDougall “Again!!??’ That was the message I got from a friend in London when yet another leader of Scottish Labour resigned. Given we are now picking our ninth leader since …

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Fight your own campaign

Blair McDougall  |  29 October 2014

Scottish lessons for the general election and a referendum on Europe When the Scottish National party won a second term in 2011, Alex Salmond said that independence was ‘as near to inevitability as anything can be in politics’. After a decisive ‘No’ vote and Salmond’s resignation, that confidence seems like hubris. However, that would underestimate …

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Bloodless revolution

Blair McDougall  |  30 September 2013

With Scotland’s vote on independence one year away, Blair McDougall finds the nationalist strategy stalled Next September Scotland will be asked to make a choice. Do we want to remain a strong part of the United Kingdom, or do we want to make a leap into the unknown and go it alone? It is a …

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Making a move

Blair McDougall  |  24 March 2011

The Movement for Change gets off the ground this month and could strengthen Labour's own grassroots campaigns

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The New Machiavelli. Or, How to be an adviser?

Blair McDougall  |  2 November 2010

Jonathan Powell's new book about his experiences as chief of staff to Tony Blair is an attempt to dispel myths and misunderstandings. On one level, Powell wants to champion Machiavelli's misunderstood teachings through the prism of recent political history...

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