Articles by Caroline Flint
Caroline Flint is chair of the parliamentary Labour party backbench committee on energy and climate change

A new European party will fail

Caroline Flint MP  |  26 September 2017

The creation of a new centre party is no alternative to Labour winning back the centre-ground, says Caroline Flint  Like Blu-rays and Segways, a new centre party is an over-hyped idea, destined to promise much and deliver little. The liberal-minded press would love it. They have been in a tiswas as the United Kingdom’s political moorings have …

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Seeking a social care consensus

Caroline Flint MP  |  9 March 2017

Labour will enhance, not damage, its position, by seeking a consensus on social care funding – Read Caroline Flint’s speech at Progress’ cross-party social care event Thank you Progress for hosting this timely and important discussion. It is now over a year since I and Liz Kendall started working with Norman to advance the argument …

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No crying wolf

Caroline Flint MP  |  7 February 2017

A long-term consensus on social care would be an achievement – not a betrayal, argues Caroline Flint Labour and the National Health Service go  together like bread and jam. It is part of our identity and a great illustration of our values. After all, Labour founded the NHS, rooted its principles in the heart of our political system, and is responsible for …

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Tax transparency – the Flint amendment

Caroline Flint MP  |  9 September 2016

Late on Monday 5 September, when the government accepted Amendment 145 to the finance bill, I was unaware that it was the only non-government amendment to make it into the bill. The amendment empowered ministers to require large multinationals with a headquarters or substantial presence in the United Kingdom to publish headline information about their …

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Credibility threshold

Caroline Flint MP  |  23 August 2016

Conference should reject the ‘McDonnell amendment’ Sometimes, the most innocent-looking amendments go to the heart of what the Labour party is. Are we simply a grassroots, socialist movement, which has members of parliament who are delegates, or are we a broad coalition of citizens and voters who want to achieve a parliamentary majority for social change, building support …

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‘Westminster didn’t seem for people like me’

Caroline Flint MP  |  11 March 2016

What is the experience of working-class women standing for parliament? Caroline Flint compares notes with Lee Sherriff and Lisa Forbes I think it is fair to say I come across as confident. I enjoy going into the bear pit of Question Time and do not shy away from the tough issues. In fact, I think Labour …

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Beyond the free bus pass

Caroline Flint MP  |  10 December 2015

Labour must be alive to older voters or it will be dead in the water —Labour is still coming to terms with its new identity after the landslide victory of Jeremy Corbyn. Without doubt, Corbyn has activated a base of left-leaning activists. His followers have been enthusiastic, and some, an estimated 12 per cent, are young. …

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Leadership on climate change starts at home

Caroline Flint MP  |  30 November 2015

Last week I was delighted to take part in a debate on climate change ahead of the vital UNFCC climate talks in Paris which start this week. In June, as shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change I led a debate on this topic on the first opposition day of the parliament. The more recent …

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I want aspiration for the working classes

Caroline Flint MP  |  16 May 2015

Thank you for very much for that warm welcome. I really appreciate it. Can I echo what John Woodcock said about giving a big thank you. It wasn’t for want of a better ground campaign that we lost this election. You worked your socks off and gave your heart and soul. There’s been a lot …

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We will win hearts and minds in 2015

Caroline Flint MP  |  1 June 2014

What can we say about last week’s elections? The key test for any party is: how well are we doing where we need to gain seats? So look at the Tories. In the key marginal seats they need to defend –Crawley, Croydon and Amber Valley – they lost. And in the seats they need to …

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