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A perpetual crisis

Catriona Ogilvy  |  11 January 2018

We must take real action to save our health service, writes Catriona Ogilvy  

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Born too soon

Catriona Ogilvy  |  17 November 2015

Fifteen million babies are born prematurely every year around the world. Eight thousand of those babies are born here in the United Kingdom, all requiring specialist NHS care. The world of the neonatal intensive care unit is often hidden behind closed doors, where fragile new lives are housed in incubators and where parents anxiously wait. …

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The smallest things

Catriona Ogilvy  |  30 September 2014

Each year in the United Kingdom 80,000 babies receive specialist NHS neonatal care, with approximately a quarter spending a prolonged period of time in hospital. Parents of premature babies often describe their hospital journey as a physical and emotional rollercoaster. I have been on this rollercoaster and have written about my experiences as part of …

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48 hours to save the NHS?

Catriona Ogilvy  |  15 May 2014

Labour needs more than the 48 hour GP guarantee promised by Ed Miliband this week. We need to be bold and address the true concern underlying the difficulties faced by the NHS in the coming years – there simply is not enough money. The British Medical Association put it bluntly; the NHS with the current …

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