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Chris Carter is a member of Progress

Out of the wilderness

Chris Carter  |  25 August 2017

Moderates must develop the ideas, policies and sense of mission to extend Labour’s coalition beyond the university-educated and those that work in the public sector, writes Chris Carter ‘We need to reconnect with our working-class roots’, ‘we need not be afraid of the word “socialist” anymore’ were the cries that rang out across Newport working men’s …

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A changing Wales is a warning for Labour

Chris Carter  |  28 April 2017

This week’s polling in Wales should shock Labour into action, argues Chris Carter In the run up to June’s general election, it pays to keep a keen eye out for localised opinion polls. It is with this in mind we should all stand up and pay attention to Wales and its voters, following the release …

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Solving Britain’s productivity crisis

Chris Carter  |  22 March 2017

A high-efficiency, high-wage economy is needed to take on the economic challenges our country faces post-Brexit, writes Chris Carter It is always a challenge getting people interested in inflation figures. The collective eye-glazing of new economic statistics are palpable for any writer or armchair economist’s audience. Yet it is with this in mind the latest inflation figures are perhaps …

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The dignity of full-time work

Chris Carter  |  17 February 2017

Labour must transform Britain’s workforce if it is to effectively tackle the challenges of the 21st century, writes Chris Carter The challenges of an ageing population are enormous. Skills shortages, healthcare pressures, squeezed public services are but some of the consequences. Britain is ageing. Fast. One per cent of those born in 1908 survived a full century …

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In search of a new idealism

Chris Carter  |  10 November 2016

The result of the US president election was a punch in the face. Brexit was a body shot, but this hurt way more. What it means for the future of America and the world remains to be seen. Donald Trump won and won big. Yet one could not help but be left wondering after witnessing online …

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