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Chris Leslie is MP for Nottingham East

Time for parliament to take back control

Chris Leslie MP  |  17 October 2017

The nightmare of a no-deal Brexit is becoming a reality. It’s vital that pro-Europeans of all parties join forces to stop ministers driving Britain over the cliff, argues Chris Leslie MP In Florence, Theresa May outlined her view for how Britain should transition away from European Union membership. Taken at her word, the prime minister …

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A short-term budget that sets the scene for 2020

Chris Leslie MP  |  17 March 2016

Osborne’s plans should be a wake-up call for Labour We have heard from some commentatorsthat this was a budget intended to be an unremarkable event, coming ahead of a European Union referendum and more importantly a leadership contest between George Osborne and Boris Johnson. But behind the chancellor’s short-term and contorted attempts, as he said, …

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The children of Thatcher’s era are still suffering

Chris Leslie MP  |  22 August 2014

There is a certain irony that it is the children of Margaret Thatcher’s era who are suffering so badly under David Cameron’s government. The under-35s have been especially disadvantaged under this Tory-led government where – from wages to housing, from student debt to secure work – the younger generation is losing out. There are fifteen …

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Long-termism in public finances

Chris Leslie MP  |  30 May 2014

It now looks as though David Cameron’s promise to balance the books by next year will be at least £75bn wide of the mark. So it has become clear to me and my shadow cabinet colleagues that the settlements we will need to make following the general election will be the toughest faced by an …

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Ignore the hype: Infrastructure output has plunged

Chris Leslie MP  |  24 April 2014

David Cameron wanted to talk about fracking this week but, as is so often the case when it comes to energy and infrastructure, most of the hot air is emanating from Downing Street. The government’s latest plan to get Britain building is just one of several attempts to mask ministers’ desperate failure to kickstart the …

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Fair shares

Chris Leslie MP  |  2 February 2012

Tackling executive pay by empowering shareholders is good for business and crucial to building a new economy By Chris Leslie —While cold economic weather bites hard in households across the country, for some privileged individuals this time of the year brings great cheer: the annual bank bonus season. You would have thought that the banking …

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Early Christmas for Rock buyers

Chris Leslie MP  |  16 December 2011

The sale of Northern Rock to Virgin Money was announced during the mini-parliamentary recess in November and buried in the news by the crisis in Europe and the chancellor’s autumn statement, was. Setting to one side the scant regard the government gave to a mutualisation option, there are some very serious questions emerging around this …

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Turning the tide

Chris Leslie MP  |  27 October 2008

Elected mayors could be the best way to unlock the next wave of decentralisation

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Not even close

Chris Leslie MP  |  21 November 2007

Labour should exploit Cameron's timidity on local taxation

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Desperate Dave

Chris Leslie MP  |  1 July 2007

Is Cameron brave enough to mastermind his own Clause IV moment?

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