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Christabel Edwards is a Labour party activist

Rolling stock, not laughing stock

Christabel Edwards  |  25 July 2017

Scrapping the electrification of railway lines in Wales, the Midlands and the North highlights the government’s lack of ambition on infrastructure, argues Christabel Edwards Last week the government announced the scrapping of most of its ongoing railway electrification projects. Parts of the Great Western mainline had already been delayed due to cost overruns, now the …

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The new rural battlegrounds 

Christabel Edwards  |  15 June 2017

To win an overall majority Labour must break with tradition and court the left behind voters of the deep countryside, argues Christabel Edwards  In October 1992 Michael Heseltine, then secretary of state for trade and industry, announced the closure of thirty of the United Kingdom’s remaining fifty deep coal mines, with the loss of thirty-one thousand …

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Everything to fight for

Christabel Edwards  |  8 May 2017

Labour’s position in the polls is terrifying – but with popular policies and thousands of activists knocking on doors, there are votes to be had, writes Christabel Edwards Most of us did not expect to be fighting another general election just yet. I confess, my reaction to the news was a loud sigh, and to inspect …

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The silence of the Brexiteers

Christabel Edwards  |  16 March 2017

Philip Hammond’s reluctance to talk about Brexit casts doubt over the government’s insistence that Brexit will be a success, warns Christabel Edwards Often, it is what is not said that sends the loudest message, and one of the most bizarre aspects of Brexit since the very start, has been the apparent lack of enthusiasm from those who …

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Growing the rural economy

Christabel Edwards  |  9 February 2017

Brexit presents Britain with an unprecedented opportunity to review the way the rural economy is managed, writes Christabel Edwards in response to IPPR North’s report into the rural economy Helping somebody to fill in a blue-badge application form the other day, I came across a question relating to whether the applicant could reasonably access public transport. He …

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Labour must be against Brexit

Christabel Edwards  |  31 January 2017

Labour MPs have a duty to avert economic disaster by voting against article 50, argues Christabel Edwards Much water has flowed under the bridge since the European Union referendum on 23 June last year. Now, after months of waiting, we have a clear indication of what the Tory Brexit will look like, and it is not pretty. It …

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Byelection blues

Christabel Edwards  |  12 December 2016

The dust has settled on the Sleaford and North Hykeham byelection with the depressing outcome that a party, comfortably second at the last general election, is now fourth, with a huge mountain to climb. So many aspects of the campaign were positive. It was great to have such a fantastic team from East Midlands region, …

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Fighting among the brassica fields

Christabel Edwards  |  18 November 2016

‘Some will label me a quitter, or, no doubt, worse. Those are labels with which I can live. The label Conservative no longer is.’ – This was the widely reported parting shot of Conservative member of parliament, Stephen Phillips as he resigned his ultra-safe seat. My Conservative MP. I have to admit, his resignation came …

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More than warm words

Christabel Edwards  |  3 November 2016

Remain lost the referendum vote narrowly, but as Farage himself said before the results came in, why should a 52-48 margin be the end of the fight? It should not, and that is because the vote was about much more than Europe. For many voters, the European Union was a scapegoat for an economic situation that’s …

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Listening to us all

Christabel Edwards  |  24 October 2016

There are many good reasons to continue opposing Brexit, I have written about some of them here. One that I, and many other Labour voters will feel particularly deeply, is the loss of our members of European parliament. For the most part they are incredibly hard working and diligent people, who like so many in …

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