Articles by Claude Moraes MEP
Claude Moraes MEP is Labour MEP for London

Security is not a Brexit bargaining chip

Claude Moraes MEP  |  4 April 2017

Theresa May’s ‘veiled threat’ to the European Union over information-sharming endangers the security of Britons, argues Claude Moraes MEP On the 31 March, Donald Tusk replied to Theresa May’s letter triggering article 50. There will be many analyses of the European council’s response, but one widespread initial reaction is how clear and unambiguous their response seems …

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Letter from … Brussels

Claude Moraes MEP  |  5 April 2016

For everyone in the European parliament, 22 March was an agonising day. On that day, on rightwing blogs I read some extraordinary responses to the Brussels attacks. One hinted we were going to hear all the same responses that we heard after previous atrocities. But to be tired or complacent in our response is no luxury any …

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Anti-terror debate moves to EU level

Claude Moraes MEP  |  20 November 2015

There are so many things that can be said following the shocking events in Paris. Many of those things were already been said following the Charlie Hebdo massacre or indeed after the 2005 London bombings or the Atocha outrage in Madrid. The fact is Paris carries with it some common denominators of previous tragedies but …

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Progressives need to challenge migration myths

Claude Moraes MEP  |  6 August 2015

Labour activists are focusing understandably on the leadership process but as it goes on, the Conservative government responds and starts to shape some key issues. One of the most difficult and visceral issues is Calais. At the same time this week the International Organisation for Migration announced that over 2,000 people had now died crossing the …

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Why Britain needs the European arrest warrant

Claude Moraes MEP  |  12 February 2015

The United Kingdom Independence party has in today’s Telegraph set out its manifesto, including the promise to ‘reverse the opt-in to the European arrest warrant, because Britain believes in “innocent until proven guilty”’.  This is an example of a completely outdated and damaging manifesto commitment based on a completely out-of-date set of myths about the …

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A good day for Ed to hit back on Europe

Claude Moraes MEP  |  10 November 2014

The contrast today could not be clearer. The Conservatives are hesitating over their promised vote on the European arrest warrant on the same day Ed Miliband will speak at the CBI annual conference about our economic recovery, jobs and skills with a clear warning that leaving the European Union would risk millions of jobs and …

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Why the European arrest warrant is crucial for our safety

Claude Moraes MEP  |  27 October 2014

Since its establishment in 2004, the European arrest warrant has played a key part in strengthening police and judicial cooperation across the European Union by promoting coordination between national police forces and judiciaries. The existence of the EAW has led to a reduction in extradition times, which now sit at an average of 48 hours, …

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In bed with the far-right

Claude Moraes MEP  |  16 June 2014

An unprecedented number of far-right, fascist and openly racist members of the European parliament were elected last month. It presents a major challenge for UK MEPs but a major subtext of these developments has been the huge contrast in the way Labour and Conservative MEPs have reacted to the negotiations which follow the European elections …

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Time to make the case

Claude Moraes MEP  |  4 January 2013

This week marks 40 years since Britain joined the European Union. This anniversary should make progressives reflect on exactly why it is right for the UK to be in the EU, the benefits British people have derived from our membership, the economic and social successes, and how it has helped transform our place in the …

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Labour in Brussels: 2011, the story so far

Claude Moraes MEP  |  28 July 2011

From changing the culture of the financial sector to supporting the Arab Spring and watching out for Tory EU-turns, Labour in the European parliament has had a busy year. Its recess time for Westminster and the European parliament. We’ll be back to Brussels in August. Looking back to January, here’s a review of the things …

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