Articles by Claudia Chwalisz
Claudia Chwalisz is a policy researcher at Policy Network

New hard times

Claudia Chwalisz  |  9 December 2015

We need to open up new routes to social justice, writes Claudia Chwalisz How to reconcile economic efficiency with social justice in a market capitalist society? For a long time the left relied on traditional ‘tax and spend’ redistribution to address these twin concerns of mitigating inequality and supporting growth in the postwar years. However, this …

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Letter from … Canada

Claudia Chwalisz  |  27 October 2015

Last week, millions of Canadians showed Stephen Harper that they are tired of his low cunning, fear, hate, arrogance and corrosive political discourse. The 11-week election campaign – the longest and most expensive since 1872 – backfired on the Conservatives. Harper tried to convince us to fear our own neighbours, to believe that enemies are …

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London’s next mayor should be a democratic trailblazer

Claudia Chwalisz  |  15 June 2015

Both of the frontrunners to succeed Boris Johnson have pledged a more open and inclusive politics. Tessa Jowell, who has been a long and lonely advocate for throwing open Labour’s selection processes through the use of primaries, says she wants her party to leave behind the ‘old politics of backroom deals and factional stitch ups’, …

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