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Conor Pope is deputy editor at Progress

ANALYSIS: Does the past predict the future?

Conor Pope  |  4 December 2017

The Katy Clark ‘democracy review’ wears its faction on its sleeve, believes Conor Pope

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The French Exception

Conor Pope  |  27 November 2017

The biggest driver of Emmanuel Macron appears to be his own ambition – but that is not his shortcoming, writes Conor Pope What is centrism? Is it a coherent political ideology, simply a rejection of ones that already exist, or just a dismissive attack by the radical left on social democrats? Whatever it is, everyone …

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Leading from opposition

Conor Pope  |  21 November 2017

Labour will challenge the government at every turn and shape Brexit from the Commons chamber, Keir Starmer tells Progress ‘I don’t want to be back here in a year saying: “The great thing is we’ve got a second referendum. The bad thing is none of you have got a job.”’ Keir Starmer, shadow secretary of …

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A radical waste of time

Conor Pope  |  18 October 2017

Progress deputy editor Conor Pope calls on pro-Europeans that want an internationalist Britain to join the Labour party – not another non-party that will amount to nothing Another day, another new Twitter account claiming to be a political movement. James Chapman, former Daily Mail political editor and adviser to David Davis as secretary of state …

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‘Reminding people that we’re not in government’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  22 September 2017

The shadow local government secretary Andrew Gwynne takes Richard Angell and Conor Pope behind the scenes of the surprise election ‘I’m infamous now’, Andrew Gwynne declares. He was ‘walking along the Embankment’ to parliament recently when he noticed two people shiftily looking over their shoulder at him. ‘They turned around and said, “You’re that guy that took …

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Ideas alone are not enough

Conor Pope  |  21 September 2017

The lesson from losing is not that fighting is wrong, argues Conor Pope  It is easy, when analysing a situation, to simply come to the conclusion that it was always inevitable. Every action take beforehand simply becomes a step towards a single conclusion. It is basic ‘history is written by the victors’ stuff: the losers have …

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‘Where the majority of politics happens’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  6 September 2017

James Graham tells Richard Angell and Conor Pope why his new play Labour of Love is set in a ‘grotty’ constituency Labour party office Even in the final weeks of summer, an election poster still remains up in a window a few doors down from the London rehearsal room where Labour of Love, the new …

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A new deficit

Conor Pope  |  14 August 2017

David Miliband is right – there is a growing democratic vacuum at the heart of Brexit that needs to be filled, writes Conor Pope It is easy to forget that the prospect of a two-part referendum was not the brainchild of proselytising Europhiles. Back in 2015, the two main proponents of a ‘second referendum’ were …

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Corbyn should pick up the phone

Conor Pope  |  7 August 2017

As a longtime ally to Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, an intervention from the Labour leader would carry real weight, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope I covered around 270 miles on foot during the general election, knocking on doors in about 17 seats. I do not mind admitting the result was far removed from my …

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A liberal-shaped hole in British politics

Conor Pope  |  26 July 2017

The Liberal Democrats’ irrelevance has afforded the Labour leadership the freedom to take left-liberal voters for granted on Brexit, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope It is easy to look at Labour’s hardline stance on leaving the single market over the weekend and wonder how it all happened. It is, of course, the Liberal Democrats’ …

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