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Conor Pope is deputy editor at Progress

Get in gear

Conor Pope  |  24 April 2017

The polls are certain to narrow – and Jeremy Corbyn must set the tone by focusing his efforts in Labour target seats, writes Conor Pope At the last election, many believed that the Liberal Democrats’ collapse in support would not be reflected in the number of seats they returned. Liberal Democrat members of parliament were …

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Stand for something

Conor Pope  |  21 April 2017

If Tony Blair and Gordon Brown could stand on the ‘longest suicide note in history’ in 1983 – you can stand for Labour now, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope The 1983 intake saw three future Labour leaders take their seats in parliament for the first time, including two future prime ministers. For all we talk …

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Wary of the wrong analysis

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  11 April 2017

The only way to build on previous achievements is to defend them, write Richard Angell and Conor Pope. This is the conclusion of the Record pamphlet, to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1997 election If we do not defend the last Labour government, why would anyone vote for the next one? There is another …

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Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  11 April 2017

The last Labour government is one we can all be proud of, write Richard Angell and Conor Pope. This is the introduction for the Record pamphlet, marking the 20th anniversary of the 1997 election victory ‘If we don’t say the last Labour government was good, why would anyone vote for the next one?’ That question …

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Why Labour shouldn’t worry about the Lib Dem surge

Conor Pope  |  10 April 2017

Conor Pope says that the Liberal Democrat ‘fightback’ is a distraction from the real problem – the Tories The Liberal Democrats are likely to do much better in the upcoming local elections than current opinion polls suggest. Most polls currently have the party on around 11 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats having broken into …

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Labour’s shame reaches across borders

Conor Pope  |  3 April 2017

Ken Livingstone’s remarks have left a black mark on the name of a party once internationally renowned for its anti-racism, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope We were halfway through a tour of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, when our tour guide, an academic historian, paused mid-point. ‘This is why it is so important …

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Poor John Robert Clynes

Conor Pope  |  20 March 2017

Labour’s forgotten leader deserves better than to be airbrushed from the annals of the party’s history, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope  New YouGov research published this weekend asked Labour members to choose their top three party leaders of all time. JR Clynes, who led the party for around 20 months from February 1921 until November …

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Believing in leaders

Conor Pope  |  16 March 2017

The ‘McDonnell amendment’ is the ultimate rejection of Clause One socialism, writes Conor Pope ‘Let’s be clear, we don’t believe in leaders,’ John McDonnell told Vice in a joint interview with Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the 2015 general election. In the same interview, McDonnell also said that ‘you can’t change the world through the parliamentary system’. The shadow …

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Faith in politics

Conor Pope  |  13 March 2017

Britain’s mostly benign, institutionalised anti-Catholicism is starting to re-emerge, warns Progress deputy editor Conor Pope In June last year, a new police ombudsman report was published into the 1994 Loughinsland massacre, where masked members of the Ulster Volunteer Force walked into The Heights pub in County Down and opened fire with assault rifles. They murdered six people, …

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‘Yes we did, yes we can’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  6 March 2017

Women are doing it for each other. Harriet Harman and Jess Phillips tell Richard Angell and Conor Pope about bringing through a next generation of women   You are Deliciously Ella and I am like Delia’, Harriet Harman says to Jess Phillips as they sit down in the former deputy Labour leader’s parliamentary office. She is right …

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