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Jeremy Corbyn

Corbynism: phase two

Conor Pope  |  9 January 2017

What are the implications of Jeremy Corbyn’s relaunch as a left-wing Donald Trump? This week will see Jeremy Corbyn ‘relaunch’ as a leftwing, anti-establishment populist, ditching the mainstream centrist approach that has ill-served him up until now. Inspired by the rise of Donald Trump, Corbyn’s team have determined that the lesson to learn from the defeat of …

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Jeremy Corbyn Labour leadership result 2015

The long road back

Conor Pope  |  12 December 2016

2017 might not be the recovery progressives were hoping for but it could show that a corner has been turned Not only was 2016 was one of the lowest troughs for the centre-left both here and abroad, there was plenty to suggest a nadir has not yet been reached. Is 2017 a write-off already? There is little in the way …

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‘Never more relevant’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  1 December 2016

Rachel Reeves tells Richard Angell and Conor Pope the subject of her book, Alice Bacon, would have a clear message for today’s moderates The Labour party is full of people whose stories never get heard. Who put in the hours, sit in the rooms where decisions are made and make sure that change happens. They make …

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Jeremy Corbyn 3

Compromising Corbyn

Conor Pope  |  3 November 2015

The new leader may compromise on policy, but he will not do so on party reform, writes Conor Pope The reappointment of Pat McFadden as shadow minister for Europe was seen as the first victory for Labour moderates under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The announcement that McFadden would stay in post came with the commitment that the party would …

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George Osborne summer budget 2

Politics first, economics second

Conor Pope  |  29 August 2015

The chancellor is comfortable encroaching on Labour territory, says Conor Pope How many Labour hearts sank at the words ‘national living wage’ in George Osborne’s recent budget? Never mind the economic connotations of the policy; the political ones are brutal for the left. It was so obviously the big moment of the speech, and the …

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Is PMQs changing for good?

Conor Pope  |  9 June 2010

Conor Pope examines this week's PMQs as Harriet Harman takes on David Cameron over constituencies and Caroline Flint kept rape anonymity high-profile. Is this calmer tenor of PMQs changing for good?

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Lib Dems, why are you so beige?

Conor Pope  |  30 April 2010

What's made our resident video blogger Conor Pope smash a Coldplay CD and vent his frustrations at a beige wall? The Lib Dems of course!

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An alternative use for the Tory manifesto

Conor Pope  |  16 April 2010

Blogger Conor Pope returns with his second campaigning vlog on dogs, manifestos and asking what kind of valuable possessions are people leaving within finger-reaching distance of their own letterboxes?

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Labour people are more likely to be lovely

Conor Pope  |  12 April 2010

Vlogger and blogger Conor Pope has done a special campaigning vlog for Progress on the difference between knocking on a Labour household's door, and the rest...

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