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A vacuum of ideas

Edward Jones  |  21 August 2017

Labour moderates will not earn the right to be heard until they articulate a coherent, positive vision for Britain that is distinct from Corbynism, argues Ed Jones Politics has changed since the last Labour leader to win a parliamentary majority stood down ten years ago. Labour centrists find ourselves in the wilderness, both in the party and in …

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Social care needs urgent action

Edward Jones  |  24 January 2017

Labour should propose funding social care properly before looking to take over struggling providers, argues Edward Jones The realities of the pressures on social care were set out on Monday as care users gave evidence to the communities and local government select committee on how funding shortages are effecting their day-to-day lives. The committee’s hearing, …

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Time for Labour to stand up and be heard on Europe

Edward Jones  |  12 April 2016

To date, the Labour leadership and been relatively quiet on the European Union referendum, so much so that the Labour leader’s views on the subject are not known by much of the public. New polling by Opinium shows that only 47 per cent even think the Labour leader is in favour of remaining in the …

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Labour’s moral mission

Edward Jones  |  8 December 2015

Freed from the workload of shadow ministerial brief, Tristram Hunt is clearly spending his time trying to contribute to Labour’s intellectual renewal. In the wake of Labour’s defeat in May, the Fabian Society’s Facing the Future programme has asked, ‘What would the Labour party look like if it were founded today’. To this Tristram Hunt’s …

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From cradle to wage

Edward Jones  |  1 December 2015

The radical 1945 Labour government built the welfare state to address the five giant evils that William Beveridge saw in Britain’s industrial society. The next Labour government needs to build a new welfare state that moves beyond Beveridge’s five giants to address the needs of a post-industrial society. A new welfare state should be front …

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The election: what went wrong and what next

Edward Jones  |  14 May 2015

My first thoughts after Thursday’s results were with all Labour’s fantastic candidates who were standing up on stages across the country as their results were read out but going the wrong way: the likes of Will Martindale, Uma Kumaran and Luke Pollard would have made great members of parliament – and hopefully still will some …

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Why we need government-backed postgraduate loans

Edward Jones  |  10 March 2015

In his autumn statement, albeit delivered in winter, George Osborne announced that loans of up to £10,000 would be made available by the Students Loans Company for postgraduate study. My reaction was mixed. I was pleased that funding was finally on offer to students who wanted to continue in higher education, but disappointed that it …

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