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Nowhere to go

Ellie Groves  |  5 September 2017

People leaving prison with nowhere to go are planning to commit crimes just so they can get a roof over their heads again. How do we break out of this cycle, asks Ellie Groves We have to ask what prison is for before we can understand how to be ‘tough on crime’. Why do we …

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Sexism really does exist on the left

Ellie Groves  |  16 August 2017

Jess Phillips says that leftwing men can be ‘the worst’ when it comes to sexism. Fellow Labour party members should not be so quick to dismiss her, writes Ellie Groves  Men are not all bad. You would think that this would not need to be said, but I feel as though I should start this article …

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The end of liberalism?

Ellie Groves  |  10 January 2017

Turning the clock back on Britain would be an abdication of the national interest, argues Ellie Groves. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. Is this the end of liberalism as we know it? Does Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of the populist right mean that Labour, without scrutiny, should make the conclusion that …

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Movement politics

Ellie Groves and Renie Anjeh  |  31 October 2016

Should Labour back restrictions on freedom of movement of people?

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Due respect

Ellie Groves  |  10 March 2016

Labour should back ‘no fault divorce’, Ellie Groves —If you are looking to get divorced you have to have been married a year and prove that the relationship has broken down – which seems fair in itself. However, under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 the only grounds for divorce are: desertion (where one of the parties has deserted …

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We have always belonged

Ellie Groves  |  26 February 2016

Each year Progress organises a political weekend full of workshops, seminars and plenaries with Labour’s front bench and leading progressive thinkers. Held at the NUT’s Stoke Rochford Hall, the event has become a regular feature in the Labour political calendar. This year’s political weekend is coming up on 12 and 13 March. To apply for a bursary …

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