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Blind faith in a broken market

Emma Burnell  |  23 November 2017

No wonder the Tories are failing to fix the housing crisis – Philip Hammond is trying to fix the wrong problem, explains Emma Burnell To understand why the Tories are incapable of solving the housing crisis, you have to understand that its roots come from Tory dogma older than most of  the unfortunate ‘generation rent’. …

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Quips, insults and bananas

Emma Burnell  |  15 June 2016

It was an odd sort of a line up we saw on last night’s Telegraph/Huffington Post/Youtube EU debate. On the remain side we had two formidable politicians who – like it or not (and I suspect for many Progress readers the answer will be not) have had their turn at leading or seeking to lead …

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Why we still need feminism

Emma Burnell  |  8 March 2016

Other parties being appalling does not give Labour the right to be merely bad, argues Emma Burnell I am often told the Labour party does not need feminism any more. That I am complaining over nothing about women’s representation and role in our party. Or worse – that for selfish reasons I am trying to prolong an old and long-won …

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Comrade Corbyn – A Very Unlikely Coup

Emma Burnell  |  1 February 2016

Comrade Corbyn is a romp through the history, upbringing, life and very occasionally loves of Jeremy Corbyn. It is not authorised, nor did Corbyn work with the author, Rosa Prince, though there are many quotes sourced from close friends and family. Corbyn seems a more than usually guarded person, especially for one who has chosen …

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Liberalism deserved better

Emma Burnell  |  25 September 2015

I used to envy the Liberal Democrats their conference. Before the coalition came, it seemed the members were really engaged in the serious business of making policy. Policy that would be adopted by their leaders and taken seriously. The coalition put lie to all that of course. As members of the smaller party in a …

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Changing the country in fundamental ways

Emma Burnell  |  8 July 2015

Just before prime minister’s questions today the government announced there would be a free vote on fox hunting. For George Osborne’s sake, let’s hope that it passes, as with today’s announcement on a compulsory ‘national living wage’, he has just shot a major Labour fox. Yes of course, the devil is in the detail. A …

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The contenders showed why they might deserve to win

Emma Burnell  |  18 June 2015

Last night was the first hustings with the confirmed leadership candidates. Filmed for Newsnight in Nuneaton, it was the first chance to see how they would perform on television and with a less party oriented audience. The audience included people who were open to voting Labour but either did not last time or did not …

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Seven days to go

Emma Burnell  |  30 April 2015

I have been an Ed Miliband supporter for a really long time. I supported him throughout his leadership campaign and before that I was a real admirer of his work in department of energy and climate change. I saw him inspire young climate change campaigners and get them enthusiastic about Labour’s work. I knew this …

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It’s game on

Emma Burnell  |  14 April 2015

Polls are funny critters. They both shape and change narratives often with very little basis. We all know our stock lines to any poll showing us further ahead than expected (No complacency) or further behind (The only poll that matters is on election day). We can repeat the words ‘It’s the trend that matters’ until …

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A good day’s work from Ed Miliband

Emma Burnell  |  27 March 2015

When David Cameron got up yesterday morning and ate his Shredded Wheat (however many he managed) he had a very different sort of a day planned. It was his mate William’s last day at work and they’d planned a little going-away wheeze to get rid of that troublesome speaker. Then he’d go on telly and …

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