Articles by Florian Ranft
Florian Ranft is a policy researcher at Policy Network

The Schulz effect

Florian Ranft  |  20 March 2017

The energetic start that Martin Schulz has made to his campaign for the chancellorship is a marked contrast to Angela Merkel’s managerial style, argues Florian Ranft It has been a near sensation for social democrats to follow Germany’s public opinion polls recently. After years of being stuck in the 20-and-a-few-per-cent-trap, Martin Schulz’s nomination lifted the …

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Aiming High

Florian Ranft  |  27 July 2016

Once a vital source of future-facing visions and reforms, progressive movements today are struggling to convince voters and win elections. Between 2003 and 2015, centre-left parties have lost vote shares in key European countries, including Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom; in southern states, such as Greece, they face electoral …

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