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Frances O'Grady is general secretary of the Trades Union Congress

Trades Unions Congress

Working it out

Frances O'Grady  |  13 July 2016

Brexit must mean no dilution of workers’ rights —Leaving the European Union is not the result I wanted – or what most of our trade unions campaigned for. But we respect the view of the voters. And what matters now is making sure that, in leaving the EU, we get the best possible deal for …

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The new economy

Claire McCarthy and Frances O'Grady  |  10 March 2016

Frances O’Grady and Claire McCarthy on the place of trade unionism and co-operation in the 21st century economy Photo

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Making the fourth industrial revolution work for workers

Frances O'Grady  |  22 January 2016

The world of work is already well on its way to a new revolution. Workers change jobs, employers and careers far more frequently than ever before. There are new opportunities in industries that did not even exist ten years ago – plus technology continues to disrupt how existing jobs and sectors work. We welcome the …

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A question of liberty

Frances O'Grady  |  9 October 2015

The trade union bill must be defeated The record books will show that this government’s first major act of parliament has to been to attack the right to strike – a fundamental British liberty. The trade union bill is the biggest threat to unions and collective bargaining for over 30 years and the Trades Union Congress will oppose it …

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Trades Unions Congress

A fairer deal for workers

Frances O'Grady  |  11 July 2014

Exploitation, not immigration, is the problem —The European elections – and the performance of the United Kingdom Independence party – returned migration to the top of the political agenda. And not in a good way. People’s living standards are under great strain. Public services are being stretched to breaking point. The housing bubble and the …

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Capturing the chance

Frances O'Grady  |  8 April 2008

The government must throw its weight behind carbon capture technology

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