Articles by Gabriel Gavin
Gabriel Gavin is a founder of the Labour Campaign for Prison Reform

A movement without motion

Gabriel Gavin  |  16 February 2017

The agonising descent of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is a symptom of the party’s lack of ideas, argues Gabriel Gavin Last week’s rumours of Jeremy Corbyn’s political demise now seem to have been greatly exaggerated. For some, the inevitable departure of the worst leader of the opposition in living memory is a cure-all for Labour’s ailments. …

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A prison system in chaos

Gabriel Gavin  |  24 November 2016

Yesterday’s autumn statement comes amid an escalating crisis in our prisons. Just this week, unrest at HMP Moorland meant more than 60 prisoners had to be relocated to other prisons after cells and communal spaces were damaged. Undoubtedly, one reason for the unprecedented rise in prison violence, assaults on staff and inmates, is that there simply …

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Better prisons means safer communities

Gabriel Gavin  |  2 November 2016

On Sunday, just outside of Brighton, prisoners at HMP Lewes staged a full-scale riot. Only four staff members were on duty in that wing of the prison, and were forced to retreat to safety for six hours until the prison could be retaken. Just days later, news of unrest came from the G4S-run HMP Birmingham. …

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Restorative justice cannot be done without rehabilitation

Gabriel Gavin and Tyrone Steele  |  3 June 2016

For many victims of crime, there is an overwhelming desire to meet the person responsible. The news that the ministry of justice plans to enshrine in law a right to access restorative justice for victims will undoubtedly be well-received. A recent Ipsos Mori poll conducted by the restorative Justice Council highlighted its popularity: as many …

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The cost of inaction is too high

Gabriel Gavin and Tyrone Steele  |  26 May 2016

When someone is imprisoned, it is usually the single greatest investment we as a society have ever made in them. It costs around £65,000 to send someone to prison, and an additional £40,000 annually after that. For many prisoners, this far exceeds the amount spent on educating them at school, treating them in hospitals and …

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