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Inspired a generation

Georgia Gould  |  10 July 2017

Both Jeremy Corbyn’s personal style and policies spoke to young people and turned them out to vote. Georgia Gould looks at what happened when a section of society wanted to make themselves heard The week after the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, I stood in Parliament Square talking to a …

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Philip Gould Lecture 2014: opening remarks

Georgia Gould  |  21 July 2014

Good morning. It is wonderful to be here today. I can’t tell you how much my dad would have loved this. Some of you may be aware that in his final months my dad became very fond of planning every detail of what can only be described as his post-death legacy campaign. And these plans …

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Swapping magic for politics

Georgia Gould  |  24 October 2012

I remember aged 11 feeling I had discovered something so important with the first Harry Potter book that I steadfastly read the first two books to my younger sister. I went on religiously rereading the series and queuing up for new releases well after I was much too old for this to be acceptable behaviour. …

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