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Centre forward

Atul Hatwal and Gisela Stuart MP  |  2 November 2016

What does the centre-ground look like in a Brexit era? Gisela Stuart and Atul Hatwal survey the landscape.

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Taking on the Tories

Gisela Stuart MP  |  16 July 2014

Gisela Stuart reveals seven steps to electoral success Supermarkets complain that consumers no longer feel loyalty towards the brand. When they offer ‘three for the price of two’ shoppers still feel cheated. And if they want to buy cheap they do not go to the ‘own brand, value for money’ section, they head for the …

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We should give the Geneva II talks a chance

Gisela Stuart MP  |  27 January 2014

Thankfully peace talks are under way to find a solution to end the horrific turmoil in Syria. After several hitches, and fierce rhetoric at the opening session in Montreux, the negotiating teams have started their work in Geneva. It is easy to be pessimistic about the prospects of agreement at the talks, known as Geneva …

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The new ‘peasants’ revolt’

Gisela Stuart MP  |  8 January 2014

Cities don’t reflect the national economy – they are the national economy. If they perform badly, then rural areas and the rest of country are likely to underperform as well. Cuts to services are rightly grabbing the headlines, but it’s the overall trajectory of the shift of funding from urban to rural which should worry …

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System error

Gisela Stuart MP  |  22 September 2011

An elected mayor could finally bring the people of Birmingham the civic leadership they so badly deserve To the Victorians, Birmingham was quite simply the ‘best-governed city in the world’. Sadly, that description would not ring true with 21st century Brummies, as the city’s ruling Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition lurches from crisis to crisis, presiding over …

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Cameron must press Kremlin

Gisela Stuart MP  |  8 August 2011

Three years ago the world’s eyes were on Georgia. In scenes reminiscent of the Cold War, Russian tanks rolled in, thousands of people fled, and lives and communities were destroyed. The world’s leaders were caught off guard, in was unclear where it would all end. The lesson I took from that episode was that we …

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How does a winning party make policy?

Gisela Stuart MP  |  17 February 2011

Following on from Luke Akehurst's take on this question ahead of tonight's Leicester event, Birmingham MP Gisela Stuart sets out seven lessons for Labour ahead of the party policymaking event in her own city tomorrow.

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The Labour leadership

Gisela Stuart MP  |  20 June 2010

Backing David Miliband for Labour leader - Gisela Stuart explains her past differences with the elder Miliband and why she thinks he is the one to take on David Cameron

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Finding Neo

Gisela Stuart MP  |  15 December 2005

Gisela Stuart argues for a robust foreign policy

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Strong Medicine

Gisela Stuart MP  |  17 March 2004

Gisela Stuart outlines key reforms the EU - and Britain - must implement

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