Articles by Gloria De Piero
Gloria De Piero is member of parliament for Ashfield

Make conference mean something

Gloria De Piero MP and Michael Cashman MEP  |  8 September 2017

Labour conference should be for all our members – and show the public we are in touch with their concerns, say Michael Cashman and Gloria De Piero With so much meaningful policy to discuss – on Brexit, the Tory-DUP deal and its impact on all our communities, falling social mobility, and increasing division in our society – it …

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Five giant causes

Gloria De Piero MP  |  18 August 2015

Labour’s next mission In 1942 William Beveridge identified the five ‘giant evils’ of society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease. His proposals led to the foundation of the welfare state, and were the basis for much of what the 1945 Labour government achieved. Its successes, most notably the NHS, have stood the test of time. The next Labour government must …

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Woman to woman, loud and proud

Gloria De Piero MP  |  12 February 2015

This week Labour launched ‘Woman to Woman’, a campaign that is dedicated to reaching out to women voters across the country, to make sure their voices are front and centre of this election. It is the first of its kind and, yes, we are loud and proud of it. It is almost 100 years since …

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Our historic mission, our contemporary challenge

Gloria De Piero MP  |  25 November 2014

I was the first person in my family to go to university. As a working-class kid who grew up in Bradford that made me unusual. But it is why I am passionate about ensuring that our education policy delivers our ambitions on social mobility. Alan Milburn’s recent interview with Progress set out the scale of …

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Progress on LGBT rights for the next generation

Gloria De Piero MP  |  7 April 2014

Political change can be grindingly slow and difficult to entrench, but when it comes to LGBT rights we can unequivocally say that over the 13 years Labour was in government we changed things beyond recognition for LGBT people in this country. When I was first becoming politically aware many newspapers hounded gay celebrities and dubbed …

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MPs backing respect for shopworkers

Gloria De Piero MP and Toby Perkins MP  |  8 November 2012

According to Usdaw, every minute of every day a shopworker somewhere is assaulted, threatened or abused. Next week I’ll be visiting staff at the Selston Co-op branch in my Ashfield constituency as part of Usdaw’s Freedom from Fear campaign. It’s something I would urge all Labour MPs and councillors to do – when it comes …

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