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Ladder of opportunity

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  1 May 2017

New Labour understood that aspiration is key to social justice, writes Gurjinder Dhaliwal It may seem strange to think of this now but when I was growing up the idea of Labour being in power was normal, natural and seemed like the default. For me, Labour was the party of government.  As somebody who grew …

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The party of the mainstream

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  10 December 2014

The only poll that will really matter, Chuka Umunna said rightly at last night’s In Conversation With event chaired by John Rentoul, is the way in which people vote on 7 May 2015. With less than six months to go until the general election, the shadow secretary of state for business laid out a convincing …

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More promises, no delivery says Miliband

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  26 June 2013

A particularly lively and noisy prime minister’s questions in the run-up to the spending review today. Ed Miliband delivered a strong performance shifting the focus of discussion to the government’s vast under-delivery on its plentiful promises. As ever, David Cameron responded to almost all critiques blaming the previous Labour administration on all of his problems …

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Another win for Miliband

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  29 February 2012

Who won? All style and no substance today with David Cameron, and he isn’t even that stylish. Another win for Ed Miliband and this shall continue to be the case so long as the health and social care bill is around. Lively exchanges at prime minister’s questions were dominated by the NHS, as expected. Miliband …

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