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Heidi Alexander MP is shadow secretary of state for health

Nobody can stop Labour members deciding Brexit

Alison McGovern MP and Heidi Alexander MP  |  9 November 2017

Skulduggery at conference won the battle but will not win the war, write Alison McGovern and Heidi Alexander If you ask Labour party members what the biggest issue facing our country is they would overwhelmingly tell you it is our impending departure from the European Union. If you then put it to those same people that Labour …

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Parliamentary damage limitation

Heidi Alexander MP  |  17 July 2017

The general election has changed the nature of the Brexit debate in Westminster For those of us in the Labour party who want to put the brakes on Brexit, the result of the general election last month means it is ‘game on’. Whether we can stop Brexit or simply shape it remains to be seen …

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Make or break

Heidi Alexander MP  |  4 February 2016

Social care is in crisis Frail older people in hospital beds is the image which stays with me more than any other from my first four months as Labour’s shadow secretary of state for health. I have visited numerous hospitals up and down the country, and I have lost count of the number of times …

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Food security in Africa

Heidi Alexander MP  |  9 November 2010

At a time when our national political debate is dominated, quite understandably, by the state of the domestic economy, my short Westminster Hall debate on food security in Africa will hopefully serve as a timely reminder that as tough as things may be in the UK, for 265 million Africans who are currently living with chronic hunger, times are a whole lot tougher.

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