Articles by Ibrahim Dogus
Ibrahim Dogus is a member of SME4Labour and the founder and director of the Centre for Turkey Studies

The great British takeaway challenge

Ibrahim Dogus  |  23 August 2017

The takeaway industry is one of Britain’s most innovative sectors – politicians must take action to ensure that Brexit does not threaten its growth, writes Ibrahim Dogus The way we eat is changing. Whether it be lunch in the office or Saturday night dinner with the family, the British public has never had so much choice at …

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A quiet optimism for Britain

Ibrahim Dogus  |  8 August 2017

Relieving tensions in our society means more than just anti-terrorism strategy – it means a government ready to make real reforms across the country, writes Ibrahim Dogus The appalling terrorist attacks on Manchester and London left us all facing a host of important questions. There are the obvious ones such as who or what inspired …

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British business needs leadership

Ibrahim Dogus  |  2 June 2017

Only a Labour government can provide businesses, small, medium and big, with the support they need to thrive, writes Ibrahim Dogus Britain and its people need prosperous businesses. At the moment too many are struggling to expand and grow. This is not good for the economy and it is not good for people. It does …

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A Westminster for the many

Ibrahim Dogus  |  15 May 2017

Cities of London and Westminster deserves a hardworking, accessible member of parliament that will fight their corner, argues Ibrahim Dogus My name is Ibrahim Dogus and I am standing as the Labour candidate in Cities of London and Westminster at the general election. After coming to London at the age of 14 with my family …

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Disaster for small business

Ibrahim Dogus  |  10 March 2017

The increase to national insurance contributions in this year’s budget is yet another Tory assault on small businesses and entrepreneurs, writes Ibrahim Dogus This week’s budget has proven to be the disaster for innovative, small businesses that many had feared. Once again, this government has demonstrated its complete disregard for small and medium sized enterprises and …

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Tory rate hikes are killing SMEs

Ibrahim Dogus  |  27 February 2017

Philip Hammond’s devastating business rate hikes should put to bed the myth that the Tories are the party of small businesses, argues Ibrahim Dogus The news of catastrophic business rate hikes should put to bed once and for all the myth that the Tory party is somehow a friend to small and medium enterprises. Small and …

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Only Labour can save SMEs

Ibrahim Dogus  |  5 January 2017

Labour must defend small and medium-sized businesses from hikes in business rates, argues Ibrahim Dogus Small businesses in London are to be further burdened with a new hike in business rates. This is going to be a massive blow to the capital’s small businesses, compounding the troubles they have faced since Brexit. It is small businesses …

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Turkey, Iraq and the possibility of ‘regional war’

Ibrahim Dogus  |  13 October 2016

Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi has said that Turkey’s decision to maintain its troop presence in Iraq could lead to a ‘regional war’. Al-Abadi alluded to military confrontation with Turkey, as well as Turkey’s activities in neighbouring Syria. These comments should not be taken too seriously. They are likely aimed at a domestic Iraqi audience. …

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A democracy without democrats

Ibrahim Dogus  |  22 August 2016

Prior to this year’s failed coup, Turkey’s most recent coup took place in 1997 and was known as a postmodern or ‘soft’ coup. There was no military presence on the streets or in the air, yet the Turkish army put enough pressure was on the coalition government to cause the Islamist leader of the Welfare …

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The role of unions today 

Ibrahim Dogus  |  15 March 2016

Last months saw two important anniversaries pass for the Labour party – neither received the attention they might have done. 27 February is an important day for Labour people. This year, the date marks 106 years since a group of working-class representatives and trade union organisations met together to vote for the establishment of the …

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