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Germany: a united country, a divided left

Jack Tunmore  |  8 November 2014

In the summer of 1951 an 11-year-old East German boy returned home to find that his father had disappeared without a trace. Two years later it transpired that he had been taken to a Siberian Gulag, and it was only in 1955 after four years of torture and near-starvation that he was released. The boy …

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Simply trembling in the wake of Ukip won’t help

Jack Tunmore  |  22 October 2014

Six months after he became leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband visited Kent and declared: ‘We are fighting incredibly hard across the south east because I think it is important there are no “no go” zones.’ Kent needs to be much more than this for Labour; if we are to win a majority next …

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Campaigning German-style

Jack Tunmore  |  21 September 2013

I arrived in Berlin last week to volunteer for the SPD’s election campaign expecting two things. The first was that the campaign would, by and large, mirror my experience of election canvassing in the UK. Armed with our trusty voter identification records, we would remind those who had indicated that they would vote for the …

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The chancellor question

Jack Tunmore  |  17 August 2012

A ruling coalition of two parties that can barely stand one another; a liberal party fearing annihilation at the next election; constant speculation that it could collapse at any moment … perhaps Germany is not so different from the UK after all. Provided Angela Merkel’s coalition survives the coming winter, Germany’s next federal election will …

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Auf Wiedersehen England!

Jack Tunmore  |  13 December 2011

So reads the title of a comment piece in Spiegel following Cameron’s treaty opt-out last week. As Denis MacShane pointed out, the potential effects of his decision are far from clear, insofar as how it will affect both British domestic politics – with the coalition looking increasingly untenable following Nick Clegg’s vocal opposition – and …

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Eurozone: The view from Berlin

Jack Tunmore  |  1 November 2011

Last Wednesday, before the EU summit, Angela Merkel asked the Bundestag to fulfil its ‘historic duty’ and support her euro bailout plans. They duly complied, with 503 of 596 votes in favour. There were in fact more votes against the resolution from Merkel’s own party than from the two main opposition parties – the Greens …

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Pirates storm Berlin city hall

Jack Tunmore  |  30 September 2011

The red-red coalition in Berlin is well and truly vorbei. While the SPD still returned the strongest percentage of the vote – albeit slightly reduced – the left party die Linke had a disappointing result, meaning that they are no longer viable coalition partners in the local government. The CDU – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party …

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Poor but sexy

Jack Tunmore  |  16 September 2011

    Berlin, in the days before the state elections this coming Sunday, is not a happy city. Alexanderplatz is still thronged with tourists, and clubs east and west are still living up to their well-deserved reputation; but this is a city which is showing all the signs of having had enough of being ‘poor but sexy.’ …

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    Winning nationwide

    Jack Tunmore  |  1 August 2011

    Last week in the Progress office I was given the task of compiling the names of the leaders of Labour groups on local councils. This served as a depressing reminder of just how few Labour councillors there are, particularly in the south. Too often the council switchboard would treat me to lift music while they …

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