Articles by Jackie Baillie
Jackie Baillie is member of the Scottish parliament for Dumbarton

The wrong priorities for Scotland

Jackie Baillie MSP  |  17 March 2017

When Scotland’s education system is failing and the NHS is on its knees, another independence referendum should be the last of the SNP’s concerns, argues Jackie Baillie MSP On 18 September 2014, 85 per cent of Scots went to the ballot box in the independence referendum and voted by majority to remain in the United …

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Start where the people are

Jackie Baillie MSP  |  11 November 2016

Identity, constitutional and ‘bread-and-butter’ issues all matter —In May, I was one of three Labour members of the Scottish parliament returned from a local constituency, in an election where we fell to third place. I am frequently asked how I won, and what we can learn about winning again in Scotland, and across Britain. The answer is not straightforward. In May, …

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A taxing question

Jackie Baillie MSP and Tom Harris  |  16 June 2016

Jackie Bailie and Tom Harris consider whether Scottish Labour was right to promise to raise income tax Photo

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