Articles by Jacqui Smith
Jacqui Smith is a former home secretary and writes the Monday Politics column for Progress

Metropolitan elite

Jacqui Smith  |  10 March 2017

It has been a long journey for women to reach the top of the police service, writes Jacqui Smith The appointment of Cressida Dick as the first female commissioner of the Metropolitan police is excellent news for policing and another crack in the glass ceiling. The reaction to her appointment has been very positive from within policing – she clearly …

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The first rule of relaunch

Jacqui Smith  |  11 January 2017

Jeremy Corbyn’s well-staffed media team are embarrassing our party, argues former home secretary Jacqui Smith Message discipline and effective media work is like good underwear. You do not want to wave it around but you notice if it’s not there. What have we learned about the importance of this in the last few days? This time last year, …

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The art of opposition

Jacqui Smith  |  26 August 2016

Theresa May is not invincible. Here’s how to oppose her Let’s do a little late summer day-dreaming. Imagine we were in a fit state as a party to build an effective opposition to Theresa May and her government. What would we be doing? Where should we focus our efforts? I know from 10 years of ministerial life what an effective opposition …

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Time to build a plan ahead of the onslaught

Jacqui Smith  |  24 June 2016

Through bitter and angry tears at 4.30am this morning, my overriding feeling was that I had let my children down. Parents of teenagers often know what this feels like, but today I realise I have let everyone else’s children down too. One of the reasons for the Leave vote is a feeling of immense alienation …

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Last week’s results were not good enough – full stop

Jacqui Smith  |  9 May 2016

Expectations management is an important part of the media-handling of elections. However, I refuse to have my expectations of Labour success managed by our leadership. Our election results were not good enough to put us on target for a Labour government in 2020, therefore they are not good enough full stop. And to those suggesting …

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Helen’s story needs to resonate in the real world too

Jacqui Smith  |  12 April 2016

I was the member of parliament for Ambridge. For those of you who are not fans of the Archers, I know it is a Radio 4 drama series (can’t bring myself to say ‘soap’) and therefore not real, but nevertheless the village of Inkberrow with its pub called the Bull is widely recognised to be …

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Bobbies on the beat, not big beasts

Jacqui Smith  |  7 March 2016

I agree with Jeremy Corbyn on his decision that a future Labour government would keep the police and crime commissioners introduced by the coalition government. He made this announcement in launching Labour’s campaign for the police and crime commissioner elections, which will be fought in all police areas apart from London and Manchester on 5 …

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Being in government matters

Jacqui Smith  |  18 January 2016

I was a teacher for 11 years before I went into parliament in 1997. In Worcestershire, we had the dubious distinction in those Tory years of having the worst nursery education provision in the United Kingdom, which made us the worst in Europe. A Labour government changed that. I was fortunate to teach in one …

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Select committees leading the opposition

Jacqui Smith  |  11 January 2016

For reasons which have been well explored – and to which we will return, the prime minister and leader of the opposition have not had good starts to 2016. But as parliament returns for its first full week in 2016, my tip is to keep an eye on what’s happening in parliament’s select committees. While …

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Politics is a team sport

Jacqui Smith  |  23 November 2015

The unsung hero of the shadow frontbench is undoubtedly Rosie Winterton, the chief whip. It was clear from the time that Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader on a platform of policies at odds with many in the parliamentary Labour party that whipping would be a constant tightrope. As a former chief whip myself, I …

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