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How Jacinda did it

James Patterson  |  24 October 2017

The Labour leader’s ‘relentless positivity’ enabled reach across political divides and inspired people to vote for her party for the first time, argues James Patterson ‘Let’s do this’ was the battle cry of Jacinda Ardern’s election campaign. To me, it had echoes of Barack Obama’s ‘the fierce urgency of now’ in 2008. Adern’s sudden accession to …

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Lessons from New Zealand Labour

James Patterson  |  25 September 2014

There have been a number of parallels between British and New Zealand politics over the last 40 years. Both countries were afflicted by economic sclerosis in the 1970s. This gave way to a painful process of economic liberalisation in the 1980s. Long periods of conservative government followed. In the late 1990s, centre-left parties, identified with …

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Energy v the economy

James Patterson  |  30 October 2013

Both sides of the House seemed to be in a rowdy, boisterous mood at the beginning of PMQs; early on, the speaker told the prime minister’s PPS to restrain himself. Two issues dominated the session: economic growth and energy prices. Tory and Labour MPs stuck resolutely to their scripts. A succession of Tory backbenchers asked …

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