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Joel Mullan

Getting the UK ‘China-ready’

Adam Tyndall and Joel Mullan  |  15 February 2015

As the largest country by population and purchasing power, China is leading the world into an Asian future. The statistics are well known but the impact is only beginning to be felt. The United Kingdom moves into this future with a headstart. We enjoy strong institutions and infrastructure, educated and healthy people. But this headstart …

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A pathway to prosperity for all young people

Jamie Audsley and Jim O'Connell and Joel Mullan  |  10 February 2015

Over the course of this parliament, careers advice has been gutted, making the transition from school to work during even more treacherous for young people. We have seen the scrapping of Connexions, the removal of schools’ duty to provide face-to-face careers advice, the creation of a National Careers Service that is not up to scratch …

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Reclaiming the language of aspiration

Jamie Audsley and Jim O'Connell and Joel Mullan  |  30 July 2014

Tristram Hunt has to tell us a new story on education reform There is no space for hubris in the coalition’s rhetoric on the education system. Just as the coalition have attacked Labour for economic irresponsibility (despite having backed Labour spending plans for the majority of the last three parliaments), so too have they made …

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