Articles by Jon Wheale
Jon Wheale was parliamentary candidate for Burton and Uttoxeter in 2015. He tweets @JonWheale

Your democracy needs you

Jon Wheale  |  15 July 2016

The future of the Labour party is important to me and I imagine to you too. The growth in membership is to be welcomed and new energy is good to see. But the future of the Labour party goes way beyond itself and its members. In a world of growing uncertainty and insecurity more than …

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The cost of being a candidate

Jon Wheale  |  17 September 2015

I have been asked to write a few words about the cost of being a prospective parliamentary candidate. Where to begin? The first thing to say is that I remain convinced that being selected as the PPC for my party and for my home town was an enormous privilege – a life event which I …

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‘Skills, skills, skills’

Jon Wheale  |  20 February 2014

‘Skills’ – I’m glad that was the first word Liam Byrne said at the Business Breakfast recently held in Burton at the National Brewery Centre and hosted by Progress. The event was attended by a number of local businesspeople from both small and larger companies. Skills and ensuring that businesses are able to recruit workers …

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The spectre of the low-wage economy

Jon Wheale  |  11 September 2013

I have an interest in what you are about to read. Yes I am standing as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency, but, in addition to this, Burton is my home town. Burton is where I went to school, where I learnt about the local industries, where my family still lives, and where you can …

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