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Jon Worth

What is happening with the Euro selections?

Jon Worth  |  10 April 2013

Ed Miliband says the right things when it comes to engagement of Labour party members in selection processes. ‘You’ve got to leave it to party members to make their decisions. And that’s the way it should be’ he said in a recent interview with Mark Ferguson of LabourList. Why then, when it comes to the …

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A Labour case for the EU

Jon Worth  |  4 January 2013

We need a Labour case for the EU, not a patriotic case for the EU – a response to Fighting for Britain’s future by Glenis Willmott With David Cameron’s long-awaited EU speech taking place later this month likely to promise some sort of European Union referendum, Labour politicians are starting to ready themselves for the …

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How leadership candidates should run their internet campaign

Jon Worth  |  24 May 2010

Online campaigning may be crucial to the winner's success, as suggested by Harriet Harman's 2007 deputy leadership win, a disparate electorate and the myriad opportunities now afforded by social media

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Was 2010 the internet election?

Jon Worth  |  18 May 2010

Was 2010 the internet election? It was the first, but the internet alone didn't win the election, and politicians need to avoid the pitfall of broadcasting without listening

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