Articles by Jonathan Reynolds
Jonathan Reynolds is member of parliament for Stalybridge and Hyde

The north makes its voice heard

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  21 August 2017

The ‘day of moaning’ is a sign the north of England will no longer weather the Tories worsening the north-south divide without complaint, writes Jonathan Reynolds MP Moaning is a disempowering word. Label any criticism a ‘moan’ any you have swiftly invalidated the content and belittled the complainant. Sometimes northerners are characterised as great moaners. But that …

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Back to college

Anna Turley MP and Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  8 September 2016

Should Labour return to using the three-part electoral college system in its leadership elections?

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Be co-operative now

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  22 April 2016

Last year thousands of people – including many of you – rallied around to support the continuation of the link between the Co-operative party and Britain’s largest co-op, the Co-operative Group. In the next few weeks, members of the Co-operative Group have the opportunity to ensure that the co-operative movement’s political arm can continue to champion …

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Electoral reform is a patriotic cause

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  12 February 2016

I have always been a supporter of a fairer voting system. It is seems absurd to me that the United Kingdom has had general elections where the losing party has achieved more votes than the winner, or where whole regions return over 90 per cent of members of parliament for one party, despite that party …

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Transforming the lives of disabled children

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  26 March 2013

Life is usually a battle for families with disabled children or those with special educational needs. The financial, emotional and practical challenges that parents encounter on a daily basis can be difficult – facilitated by a system that can be unsupportive and overly bureaucratic. Shockingly, in Britain today four in 10 disabled children face a …

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Breaking out of the feudal straitjacket

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  9 November 2011

Most Labour activists, councillors and MPs will be familiar with the housing crisis in Britain. First time buyers are now confronted with an average house price of more than £160,000 (£280,000 in London) to get their first step on the housing ladder, and the average deposit required has now hit £52,000. Many people simply cannot …

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It’s a whip’s life

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  20 January 2011

The first rule of the whips' office is: you do not talk about the whip's office. Well, not quite. But since becoming one of Labour's assistant whips in October's reshuffle life has been very busy.

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Vying for votes and offices

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  16 June 2010

If there is one question a new MP will invariably get asked after the obligatory ‘how are you settling in?', it tends to be ‘have you got an office yet?'. Offices in Westminster seem to be a slightly comical source of prestige

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