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Jonathan Todd is Labour Uncut’s economic columnist

No utopia

Jonathan Todd  |  7 November 2017

Business realism must find new and resonant voice amid Brexit delusions, writes Jonathan Todd Both the libertarian right and the Bennite left see their utopias through the kaleidoscope of Britain’s exit from the European Union. They cannot both be right. The damage to the United Kingdom’s trade and fiscal positions that is likely to accompany …

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Always underestimated

Jonathan Todd  |  1 September 2015

David Cameron may yet lead the Conservatives into the next general election, argues Jonathan Todd Tony Blair, I was told by someone who spoke to him at the time, was confident when David Cameron became Conservative party leader that he would go the same way as the previous Tory leaders that he had gone head …

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Combating cross dressing Osborne

Jonathan Todd  |  8 July 2015

George Osborne crossed dressed and declared himself a one nation chancellor in both the headline measures of his budget and in its details. Legislation for a living wage was intended as the closing showstopper and abolishing permanent non-dom status stole the policy with which Labour appeared to have most momentum in the general election. Training …

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Call to Action

Jonathan Todd  |  26 March 2015

About a decade ago, a Labour member of parliament asked me, ‘What became of Bryan Gould?’ Being too literal, I replied, ‘Is he not an academic in New Zealand?’ The MP looked at me disappointedly, as I had missed the contemporary political point that he was alluding to amid my overly earnest focus on facts. …

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Miliband hits the right notes

Jonathan Todd  |  24 February 2015

It is rare for prime ministers or leaders of the opposition to give speeches on the arts. Delivering one last night, Ed Miliband observed that Tony Blair once did. Jim Hacker, a character in Yes, Minister did too. Noting that in doing so, Hacker closed BBC Radio 3, Miliband drew laughter. A BBC journalist was …

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Closing Labour’s deficit

Jonathan Todd  |  6 November 2014

The Conservatives may not have won the last general election but Labour lost it. Labour was thought too keen on spending other people’s money, particularly in areas where the public are least keen to see their money spent, such as working-age welfare. As the Labour leadership candidates were reaching for the party’s erogenous zones, which …

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Ballots and pay packets

Jonathan Todd  |  8 September 2014

Did the relationship between voting and the economy change after May 2010? Between 2004 and 2010 when individuals were upbeat about the national economy and about their own personal finances, and in addition felt that Labour could manage the economy well, they were more likely to support the government. When they had the opposite perceptions, …

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Building inclusive capitalism

Jonathan Todd  |  9 July 2014

The challenge of our age, wrote Chuka Umunna in the June edition of Progress, is to generate growth that is sustainable over the long term, balanced across sectors and regions, and inclusive so that all can benefit. This is not capitalism red in tooth and claw. Indeed, it recalls the definition of socialism offered by …

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Why Labour must focus on growth too

Jonathan Todd  |  25 April 2014

I have never met James Morris, who wrote for LabourList yesterday, but he is clearly a bright chap. While there are things that I might quibble with in his piece, there is also perceptive insight. What Lewis Baston termed ‘the Todd thesis’ concludes that for every one per cent increase in the proportion of the …

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Credibility deficit

Jonathan Todd  |  14 March 2014

Ed Balls has chosen to take a different approach to spending to that adopted by Labour prior to 1997. He is right to do so, says Jonathan Todd From the bully pulpit of the Treasury, George Osborne is convinced that he can have the deficit dominate the next parliament as it has dominated this – …

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