Articles by Jonathon Hawkes
Jonathon Hawkes is leader of the Labour group for Dartford borough council. He tweets @CllrJonHawkes

Time for Brexiteers to come clean

Jonathon Hawkes  |  27 July 2017

An unholy alliance of Thatcherites and Bennites are placing ideology before the national interest – and it is time they were called out on it, argues Jonathon Hawkes ‘As we leave the European Union, by definition, we will be out of the single market and we’ll be out of the customs union,’ asserted international trade secretary Liam Fox …

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The fight of our lives

Jonathon Hawkes  |  9 November 2016

This fight of the next decade will not be between left and right – those labels have become meaningless in the post-Brexit, post-Trump world. We are witnessing a battle between the pessimism of an anti-politics and a centre ground struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing world There can be no doubt that the twin …

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The art of the possible

Jonathon Hawkes  |  26 October 2016

It has taken a while for Labour local government to be properly recognised by the party nationally. While there is still much work to be done, the efforts of Labour LGA under the leadership of Nick Forbes and the brilliant Jim McMahon before him, mean that the argument is finally being heard that to win …

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The Tory attack on affordable housing

Jonathon Hawkes  |  17 December 2015

The government are planning an attack on the aspirations of thousands of young people and families who simply want a home to call their own. Should the Conservatives proposed housing and planning bill become law then it risks not only delivering a hugely damaging impact on the amount of affordable housing in our communities, but …

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Kendall could take back Kent

Jonathon Hawkes  |  10 August 2015

Labour can only win the country again if we win in Kent. When Labour wins support here, as we did in 1997 – 2005, it is a sign we are winning the argument in the country. However, from holding eight seats in 1997, there is now not a single Labour member of parliament in the …

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