Articles by Karen Buck
Karen Buck is MP for Westminster North and shadow education minister

London must stay open after Brexit

Karen Buck MP  |  23 January 2017

A hard Brexit would not be in the interest of London – or the country, argues Karen Buck MP People may often determine how they vote after a rational assessment of whether the party or proposal in front of them will leave them better off, but the events of 2016 acted as a sharp reminder that …

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Holding the powerful to account

Karen Buck MP  |  11 November 2016

This summer, the joint work and pensions/business, innovation and skills parliamentary select committee inquiry into the collapse of British Home Stores and its pension scheme concluded with one of the most devastating reports to come out of the select committee process. The report described  the ‘systematic plunder of BHS at the cost of the 11,000 jobs and …

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Zac Versus Sadiq: The Fight to Become London Mayor

Karen Buck MP  |  10 October 2016

Autumn began with a bang for Sadiq Khan. Londoner of the Year in the Evening Standard annual 1,000 top Londoners awards, GQ magazine’s politician of the year, the successful rollout of ‘hopper’ bus tickets. It all looks and sounds as though the result was preordained. But Dave Hill’s highly readable and well-informed account of the …

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‘The unacceptable face of capitalism’

Karen Buck MP  |  27 July 2016

British Home Stores, once the flagship enterprise of the then acclaimed ‘retail wizard’ Philip Green, is winding up fast. Eleven thousand employees stand to lose their jobs. 20,000 pensioners face cuts to their pensions – losing up to 77 per cent in the worst case. Contributions to those reduced pensions will potentially have to come from …

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World Book Day 2016

To mark World Book Day 2016 we asked Karen Buck MP, Mary Creagh MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Angela Smith and Nick Thomas-Symonds MP to write about their favourite book: Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing Karen Buck MP God, the impossibility of choosing only one book! Bleak House is usually my ‘go to’, for searing social comment, …

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Time for a citizen’s income?

Anthony Painter and Karen Buck MP  |  11 February 2016

Anthony Painter and Karen Buck debate the merits of a basic income for all Photo:

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Living like it’s 1957

Karen Buck MP  |  16 October 2015

Picture 1957. The launch of Sputnik 1. The premiere of Jailhouse Rock. The average house price topped £2,300. And the time the maximum rent level below which a tenant could legally require their landlord to ensure their rented property was fit for human habitation was last updated. So there is, in effect, no meaningful requirement …

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The war of welfare words

Karen Buck MP  |  6 February 2013

Pernicious distortions about welfare conceal its true role By Karen Buck —Caroline has been nursing for 15 years, specialising in mental health and caring for often deeply disturbed patients in a secure hospital unit. She cannot make the rent though. Even a former right-to-buy council flat on a London estate can now go for £500 …

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Mobility matters

Karen Buck MP  |  5 October 2009

The narrow and selective model of social mobility favoured by the right favours, as always, the few and not the many

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Housing subsidies

Karen Buck MP  |  1 September 2009

Housing benefit is a big issue to tackle, and needs to be approached only with extreme caution

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