Articles by Karen Landles
Karen Landles is a member of the executive committee of the Labour Finance and Industry Group

Slumping sterling

John Mills and Karen Landles  |  16 February 2017

Should Labour welcome the fall in the pound? Former Labour Leave chair John Mills and Labour Business executive committee member Karen Landles debate

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A glimpse of an Osborne-led government

Karen Landles  |  30 November 2015

The spending review was a clear pitch for the leadership, a glimpse of how our country with its diverse communities would look under a George Osborne-led government. This was a speech carefully constructed around words of security, both economic and national, of strength, of building up, yet behind the reassurance the reality remains bleak. Whether …

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Everybody’s business

Karen Landles  |  8 November 2013

There are few topics that come up as often, whether with business leaders at meetings, debating the future face of business with LFIG members, at policy meetings with CLPs, or with neighbours over the garden fence, as the topic of this book: what should society expect from business? The tone and language may differ but …

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