Articles by Karin Smyth MP
Karin Smyth MP is member of parliament for Bristol South

Health inequality costs

Karin Smyth MP  |  6 December 2017

Social class persists as a key determinant for life expectancy and good health Disease In 1942, two drivers of William Beveridge’s concern for the giant evil of disease were the need to combat life expectancies that saw women, on average, dying in their mid-fifties and men in their early fifties, and the need to improve maternal and infant …

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Tackling the NHS nursing crisis

Karin Smyth MP  |  5 July 2017

More funding on its own is not enough to tackle the National Health Service’s nursing shortage – we must make a career in nursing attractive to people of all backgrounds again, argues Karin Smyth MP There are some predictable responses to this week’s headlines telling us that, for the first time since 2008, more nurses …

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A ‘sticking plaster’ approach

Karin Smyth MP  |  15 December 2016

Britain’s social care system needs a strategic, long-term solution, not a quick fix, argues Karin Smyth MP This week the government announced it is allowing councils to increase the precept in order to help fund social care, as well as moving a pot of money from the New Homes Bonus to social care. It does not take …

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Protecting the frontline

Karin Smyth MP  |  5 October 2016

Pressures on health funding mean the future shape of the National Health Service is under scrutiny like never before. As they face stark choices in the weeks ahead the government would be well-advised to remember that, whether they are located in urban high streets or village squares, pharmacists have long been patients’ chosen first source …

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Small businesses need more support

Karin Smyth MP  |  27 May 2016

Monthly unemployment statistics indicate that many hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises in my Bristol South constituency are doing a terrific job helping people into work. Bristol South tends to rank somewhere around the middle of the United Kingdom constituency unemployment rankings. On the face of it you might expect jobless figures to be higher …

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A very British coup

Karin Smyth MP  |  16 December 2015

The Tories could be in power for a generation —We all expect the Tories to pull every trick in the book to retain the power they unexpectedly won by a short head in May. They will, of course, complement timely Treasury bribes with redrawn constituency boundaries. But after years of being outflanked by other parties, Tory strategists …

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The plan to steal Labour clothes

Karin Smyth MP  |  26 November 2015

It may turn out to be a day to tell our grandchildren about. But let’s get beyond the little red book, and whether the chancellor is clever, and focus on the real Tory plan. The plan to steal Labour clothes; to pick up on some of our best ideas – ones that address the priorities …

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Devolution must come from the ground up

Karin Smyth MP  |  25 September 2015

Business on the public accounts committee is hardly glamorous, but I am learning just how gemstone-precious are the insights it offers. Recent discussions surrounding elements of the government’s devolution efforts to date have been enlightening in many ways: and not just as far as this committee’s driving aim – value for taxpayers’ money – is …

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Dignity at a time it is most needed

Karin Smyth MP  |  5 September 2015

Occasionally a parliamentary bill emerges on a topic that ignites and divides public opinion. This Friday 11 September one comes before the Commons. I believe the assisted dying bill – allowing some terminally ill people to choose how and when they die – would be transformative, offering dignity to dying people and reducing their suffering. …

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Patients as partners, not nuisances

Karin Smyth MP  |  30 June 2015

NHS crisis, what NHS crisis? Take your pick. Accident and emergency, under-staffing, or any other local or national health crisis you can think of. In the next five years we can expect to lurch from one crisis to another. It is vital we understand their underlying causes because otherwise we will find it very difficult to …

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