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Kate Dearden

Rebranding poverty pay will not solve the problem

Kate Dearden  |  10 November 2017

With so many people experiencing in-work poverty, low pay appears to be an issue the Tories are unwilling to tackle, writes Kate Dearden As the living wage week comes to an end, the Living Wage Foundation has announced there are now over 3,600 employers in the United Kingdom that have signed up to the living …

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In defence of Nato

Grace Skelton and Kate Dearden  |  20 October 2017

Committed internationalist socialists should be urging Nato to adapt and upgrade – not spreading blatant myths and mistruths about it, write Kate Dearden and Grace Skelton Last weekend at Young Labour policy conference, delegates voted to support a motion calling on the Labour party to advocate for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the North Atlantic Treaty …

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