Articles by Kevin Peel
Kevin Peel is a Labour and Co-operative councillor on Manchester city council and represents the north west on the EU committee of the regions. He tweets @kevpeel

A federal future

Kevin Peel  |  2 March 2017

Keeping the United Kingdom intact could unite the party and the country, writes Kevin Peel At its annual conference at the end of February, the Scottish Labour party voted to make support for a federal United Kingdom its party policy. It is time for UK Labour to do the same. Our colleagues in Scotland, spearheaded by passionate interventions in …

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Don’t duck the big issues

Kevin Peel  |  4 April 2016

What I’ve learned on the EU training tour —Thanks to the kind support of Labour Movement for Europe and Progress, I have been touring the country to deliver a series of training sessions to Labour activists about the upcoming European Union referendum. Whether in Southampton, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester or Leeds, Labour members are instinctively pro-European. We are …

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Europe for the doorstep

Kevin Peel  |  15 February 2016

Kevin Peel presents his tips for campaigning in the European referendum The referendum could be won or lost in conversations on the doorstep, down the pub and on Facebook. Most people have been fed a Eurosceptic cocktail of news for years. Stories about bendy bananas and banning Cornish pasties are often quoted as typical examples of ‘Brussels bureaucracy’, …

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The only way is ‘In’

Kevin Peel  |  17 September 2015

I can think of no more appropriate use of the phrase ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’ than the decision by union leaders this week to announce that they will campaign for a British exit from the European Union if David Cameron negotiates a British opt-out from any element of the social chapter. …

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Real, meaningful – and earned – devolution

Kevin Peel  |  20 July 2015

Devolution is the buzzword of the day in the Conservative party and also in the Labour ranks (though some leadership contenders were late converters), but last week we saw just how shallow its meaning really is. Several months ago, 93 borough, city and county councils of all political colours representing millions of people spanning the …

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Labour’s case for European reform

Kevin Peel  |  17 July 2015

David Cameron has now laid out his plan to reform the European Union – or, rather, to weaken Britain’s role in the union to please his own backbenchers. What Labour must now do is lead, not follow, laying out an alternative programme of reform and build the case for this with the British public and …

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A voice and a vote to the grassroots

Kevin Peel and Stella Creasy MP  |  21 May 2015

Labour is at its best when it is part of a broad-based, active and inclusive social movement. Yet each of us who have joined has a story about what happened the first time we went to a meeting that would make anyone wonder why we bothered. Most involve drowning in standing order questions and jargon, …

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We can’t just talk to families like mine

Kevin Peel  |  12 May 2015

We lost and we lost badly and the debate has already started to determine the future direction of the party. I welcome it because we certainly did not have one last time and we cannot win again until we actually realise why we lost. I have been reading a lot of the back and forth …

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Only Labour can make the case for Britain in Europe

Kevin Peel  |  5 December 2014

With the Tories dancing to the United Kingdom Independence party’s tune and the Liberal Democrats losing deposits in virtually every by-election of this parliament, only Labour can make the bold, progressive case for Britain’s future at the heart of Europe – and we must urgently rise to the challenge. The debate on British membership of …

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Proud to be an ‘apparat-chap’

Kevin Peel  |  19 August 2014

To say I was appalled to read Austin Mitchell’s opinion piece in the Mail on Sunday this weekend would be an understatement. Disgust was mingled with disappointment that – even after so much progress increasing the representation of women in our party – there are still members (elected MPs no less) who hold such views. …

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