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Lauren Crowley

At risk every day

Lauren Crowley  |  23 August 2017

Staffing levels in prisons across the United Kingdom must be addressed to stem the increase in life-threatening situations our prison officers face at work, argues Lauren Crowley On Saturday, two prison officers and members of Community working at HMP Addiewell in West Lothian were rushed to hospital after inhaling second hand smoke from the drug ‘Spice’. …

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Making innovation work for workers

Lauren Crowley  |  11 July 2017

Acting as though globalisation, technological advancement and employment flexibility can be prevented will harm workers’ rights in the long run, writes Lauren Crowley on the back of the Matthew Taylor report Whether it is the rapid growth in self-employment, the growth of the ‘gig economy’, or the rise of automation – the world of work …

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Can Labour’s education policy build character?

Lauren Crowley  |  13 October 2014

Character education and its impact on social mobility was not an unpopular topic at Labour’s conference this year. As well as the National Citizen Service-Progress fringe, The Scout Association, UK Youth, Sports Leaders UK, NIACE and the Association of Colleges all discussed it, with many at Conservative conference covering the same. Not many gave the …

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How does Labour win a majority in 2015?

Lauren Crowley  |  12 March 2014

There are two elephants standing in the middle of Labour party HQ. One only quite problematic, the other very much so: Labour’s economic credibility and the dreaded south. The former is unfortunately the hardest to crack. If we can sort these two problems out then we are certain to win a majority in 2015. Continue …

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