Articles by Liam Byrne
Liam Byrne is member of parliament for Hodge Hill

Winning back the working class

Liam Byrne MP  |  24 June 2017

Labour was once seen as the builders of the future. We need to be again, argued Liam Byrne MP at Progress annual conference 2017 With a campaign as radical as it was united, Labour is within touching distance of government. A 3.1 per cent swing is all we need to carry Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street. For …

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The curse of alcoholism

Liam Byrne MP  |  14 October 2016

We need more help for alcoholics – and their children —There is no way I would be in politics if it were not for the inspiration of my dad, Dermot, who I lost just before last year’s election. He even paid my subscription to join the Labour party when I was 15. He was an extraordinary bloke. The son of Irish immigrants, he …

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Renewing our entrepreneurial democracy

Liam Byrne MP  |  26 May 2016

Capitalism is in the doghouse. And who is surprised? The papers are full of billionaires behaving badly, dodging taxes, and squeezing wages while the doomsayers reassure us, the worst is yet to come. The alarmists cheerfully forecast a ‘robo-revolution’ to wipe out the last of well-paid work, while former US Treasury secretary, Larry Summers, says …

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Labour renewal for the fourth industrial revolution

Liam Byrne MP  |  22 January 2016

Just as the Labour movement was born in the giant factories of the Victorian age, so we will be reborn in the giant networks of fourth industrial revolution. These are the networks that connect hi-tech engineering firms, Uber drivers, ‘Mumpreneurs’, call centres and shopping centres, logistics hubs and incubators – along with public servants up …

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Good company

Liam Byrne MP  |  10 December 2015

Labour must join forces with reform-minded business, argues Liam Byrne In the battle against spiralling inequality, progressives are not alone. Across the business community there is fast forming a new consensus that our economy today is quite simply too unequal, too unstable, and too unsustainable. And things now need to change. The facts speak for …

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A parallel path to top quality jobs

Liam Byrne MP  |  12 March 2015

Britain cannot succeed unless we unlock the talents of all young people. Last month, Labour announced its progressive plan to bring down the cost of going to university, but unlike the Tories we will not focus solely on the 50 per cent who go down the traditional academic route. A Labour government will build an …

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A future built on rock not sand

Liam Byrne MP  |  2 March 2015

Few have described the challenge of the future as well as Britain’s Royal Society: ‘unless we grow smarter’, says the society ‘we will grow poorer’. And that is why we need to fix the broken finances of our nation’s universities. As the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned last week, Britain faces chronic gaps …

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Pro-worker, pro-business: An agenda for inclusive capitalism

Jon Cruddas MP and Liam Byrne MP  |  5 June 2014

A rare moment of political consensus is building as voices from across the worlds of politics, finance, faith, business and trade unions begin to sound the same note, calling for economic growth that is more inclusive. What does this mean? Is it mere rhetoric? Empty words that leave us stuck with the status quo? We …

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Costing the taxpayer more than in the first place

Liam Byrne MP  |  21 March 2014

The changes Labour made to the nation’s higher education left not only world-class universities but a world-class university system. Today we have seen, clear and present, that there is a real danger the whole system is now sliding off a cliff. It is not simply the big annual cuts to the science budget that chip …

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‘Something-for-something Britain’

Liam Byrne MP  |  1 December 2012

It was a heck of a year. 1942 wasn’t the beginning of the end. But it was, as Churchill said, the end of the beginning. The Allies turned the tide in north Africa, Stalingrad and Guadalcanal. Interest in what the fight was for hit a new high and, 70 years ago today, Sir William Beveridge …

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