Articles by Linda Thomas
Linda Thomas is deputy leader of Bolton council

Social care bears the brunt

Linda Thomas  |  14 March 2017

The public, politicians and the media must demand a sustainable solution to Britain’s adult social care crisis, argues deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas By the chancellor’s own admission it was so far so good as he gave himself a smug pat on the back at the dispatch box, proclaiming the government had remained …

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Our NHS is in intensive care

Linda Thomas  |  13 January 2017

The Tories burying their heads in the sand over the winter crisis in our NHS is very troubling, writes deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas Our jewel in the crown, our precious National Health Service, is in intensive care with a terminal prognosis, so the government’s continuing complacency is staggering and beggars belief. The …

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Passing the buck on social care

Linda Thomas  |  19 December 2016

A six per cent increase in council tax hurts those who are just about managing the most, writes deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas Although the latest announcement now acknowledges the crisis that they denied in the autumn statement, the government’s solution is plain wrong because it shifts the burden of their failed austerity policy …

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