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Liz Kendall MP is former shadow minister for care and older people

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Lisa Nandy MP and Liz Kendall MP  |  7 October 2016

In conversation: Liz Kendall and Lisa Nandy sit down to reflect on their own political traditions within Labour, and where the party heads next How did you come to your politics? LISA: ‘I came into parliament after nearly a decade in the voluntary sector. I think part of what motivated me was how I’d worked …

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Who gains?

Liz Kendall MP  |  11 April 2016

The Tories’ capital gains tax cut reveals their true colours, writes Liz Kendall Last month’s budget was a disaster for the Tories, and more importantly failed the country. Labour should be bold in setting out our alternative vision for Britain. We want a country that is confident about coping with adversity, secure in ourselves and our …

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We are modernisers. We must live up to our name

Liz Kendall MP  |  13 March 2016

I want to talk about three challenges facing our party, and what we must do to respond. The biggest challenge for Labour is to be relevant – to have ‘skin in the game’ on the key issues facing Britain. The continuing risks and weakness in the global economy, and our own. The appalling civil war …

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The voice of all who care

Liz Kendall MP  |  27 March 2015

Taken together the changes in care Labour has promised will be transformative At the start of the 20th century, life expectancy in Britain was under 50 years. Now, one in three new babies will live to 100. This change will transform our nation. Longer life is a blessing. Yet justice requires we do far more …

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‘It’s a partnership between clinician and service user’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  6 February 2015

It is likely that people’s lives have been saved thanks to personal budgets, say Gill Ruecroft and Sarahlee Richards Anne, a mother and grandmother, had been using mental health services for over 10 years and had a history of self-harm and overdosing. In the year before she had her personal health budget, she had made …

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‘Change or get out of the way’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  5 February 2015

Josh MacAlister is spearheading a revolution in social work empowering both families and practitioners Three years ago only 10 Oxbridge graduates applied to go on social work courses. In 2013, 200 students from Oxford and Cambridge alone attempted to join Frontline, a new programme designed to attract some of the country’s highest-achieving graduates into what …

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‘I would have been angry too’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  4 February 2015

Labour needs to learn to let go, says Jim McMahon ‘If we had gone into marriage guidance counselling at that point,’ says Jim McMahon of the relationship between Oldham council and its residents two years ago, ‘the counsellor might have said: “Do you know what, it might just be time to part ways”.’ Oldham was …

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‘You need to know when to let go’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  3 February 2015

We need to ‘think family’ and work back from there, argues Jayne Moules From unemployment to drug and alcohol dependency, the public sector’s approach to supporting families struggling with multiple problems is often silo-driven and disjointed. The ‘families programme’ is Newcastle city council’s local manifestation of the government’s ‘trouble families’ initiative, which is headed up …

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‘So basic, but it never happens’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  2 February 2015

Debate about public service reform departs  from the wrong starting point, says Hilary Cottam The key lesson,’ begins Hilary Cottam, ‘is that everything – the thinking, the action, the design – needs to start from the point of view of people, not the institutions and how to reform them.’ She pauses briefly. ‘That sounds so …

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Let it go

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  30 January 2015

Politicians can no longer pretend we can fix everything from the centre Those of us on the left are advocates of the power of common endeavour to improve lives. Whether it is the NHS, social security or social housing, the history of social progress shows that it is through a common resource that individual needs …

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