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Empty words on mental health

Lizzy Dobres  |  10 October 2017

Theresa May promised to tackle the ‘burning injustice’ of mental health. For the sake of employees, their families and businesses, she must turn that promise into action, writes Lizzy Dobres Today is World Mental Health day, and we are reminded once again that one in four of us will suffer a mental health problem at …

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CAMHS in crisis

Lizzy Dobres  |  10 February 2017

Britain’s mental health system is in desperate need of a radical overhaul, writes Lizzy Dobres Last week a #TimetoTalk day was held, a mental health awareness day set up by Time to Change. It was fantastic to see so many people participating in #TimetoTalk on social media, showing that we are so much closer to combatting the …

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Women pay the price again

Lizzy Dobres  |  24 January 2017

Being unwilling to view Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as anything other than two sides of the same coin has come at a terrible cost, writes Lizzy Dobres Just two days after millions of women and men worldwide campaigned for women’s rights; Donald Trump banned federal funds being used for family planning clinics in one of his …

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