Articles by Luke Akehurst
Luke Akehurst is director of We Believe in Israel and a former member of Labour's National Executive Committee

Brighton bound

Luke Akehurst  |  29 August 2017

Will Momentum, the National Executive Committee and the leader’s office break Labour’s unity with hostile rule changes at party conference? Labour party annual conference 2017 will operate on two levels. Publicly, the unexpectedly good performance for Labour in the June general election means that there will be a celebratory mood and frontbench speakers, particularly Jeremy Corbyn, are …

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Competing visions

Luke Akehurst  |  11 February 2017

A hard-left takeover of conference would change more than the odd policy, argues Luke Akehurst This year Labour party members do not get balloted for the National Executive Committee but they will vote in a national one member one vote ballot for another very important national committee – the Conference Arrangements Committee. Nominations for the aforementioned CAC can …

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A red line for Labour

Luke Akehurst  |  15 February 2015

The run-in to a general election often sees thinktanks float ideas they hope might influence an incoming government, or, since 2010, influence possible coalition negotiations. Some of those ideas are good, some less good, some provocative in order to stimulate debate. This week saw an idea floated that was simply dangerous, not just because of …

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Reason to be ashamed

Luke Akehurst  |  2 September 2014

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians brings out the best in some politicians, inspiring them to dedicate large chunks of their time and political capital to the task of mediating between the two sides, designing peaceful solutions and advancing diplomacy. Others are inspired by compassion, empathy or an understanding of one or both sides’ …

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Challenging the Co-op’s boycott policy

Luke Akehurst  |  19 February 2014

Following the scandal that hit the Co-operative Bank last year, the Co-op Group, the UK’s largest mutual enterprise, has changed its senior management. The new management have initiated a large-scale listening exercise, asking people ‘for their views on the future of the Group and the big issues facing communities across the UK’. Organised through YouGov, …

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Let’s make Ed’s reforms work

Luke Akehurst  |  9 July 2013

I hope with today’s bold announcement about party reform, following on the heels of economic and welfare policy announcements, fellow members who like me are on the right of the Labour party, but unlike me didn’t vote for Ed as Leader, get what the qualities were that I saw in Ed back in 2010. Ed …

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The two-year task begins

Luke Akehurst  |  14 June 2013

Last week’s Labour announcements on welfare reform and economic policy were vital set-piece events on the road to the 2015 general election, now under two years away. They took place in the context of a volatile polling situation, with the United Kingdom Independence party scooping up anti-government (indeed, anti-politics) protest votes, some of which might …

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Taking seats direct from the Tories

Luke Akehurst  |  1 May 2013

Thursday’s council elections are the most difficult in the cycle for Labour. There are no elections in most of the biggest urban areas, including London and the six former metropolitan counties, nor in Scotland, nor in Wales except for Anglesey. Instead, the main battleground is the rural shire counties, which were largely gerrymandered in a …

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Labour let Thatcher happen

Luke Akehurst  |  11 April 2013

I don’t believe in celebrating when a political opponent dies. You celebrate when they lose power. Celebrate their political demise, not dehumanise them by celebrating their passing as a person. So I celebrated as an 18-year-old student when Margaret Thatcher was deposed as prime minister in 1990, but when she passed away this week I …

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A new model of ‘preventative intervention’

Luke Akehurst  |  20 February 2013

Ed’s speech about the 10p tax rate meant that there was not a lot of coverage of Jim Murphy’s important speech on ‘preventative intervention’ last week. That’s a shame as Jim’s speech deserved more attention and was a characteristically thoughtful contribution to debate about one of the most controversial aspects of the Blair years, the …

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