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Maeve McCormack is a member of Progress

Eight long years

Maeve McCormack and Matthew Doyle  |  21 March 2017

Will Donald Trump win again in 2020?

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What can Labour learn from the Democratic national convention?

Maeve McCormack  |  3 August 2016

Having spent last week at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia, it would have been hard not be inspired by the Clinton campaign. Sure enough, despite small protests from Bernie Sanders’ supporters (who represented no more than around five per cent of the total delegates at the convention), Democrats left last Thursday chanting ‘I’m with …

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The problem with Jeremy …

Maeve McCormack  |  16 October 2015

The problem with Jeremy is that he is basically alienating people who should be the party’s natural constituents through poor decision-making and ill-thought-through policy. No, not that Jeremy – I’m talking about the health secretary, who in a matter of weeks has somehow managed to convince doctors to go on protest marches and threaten strike …

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A whole new set of intolerances

Maeve McCormack  |  23 January 2015

My grandfather used to tell a story about when he arrived in England in the 1950s, and spent a whole evening going door-to-door trying to find somewhere to lodge. Everywhere he went had a sign saying ‘no dogs, no blacks, no Irish’. He finally came to one house where the landlord was a fellow Irishman …

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In conversation with … Jon Cruddas

Maeve McCormack  |  26 November 2014

Anyone listening to Jon Cruddas in conversation with Philip Collins yesterday evening who was hoping to hear a blow-by-blow account of the contents of next year’s Labour party manifesto will have been sorely disappointed. However, anyone who was expecting to hear them clearly has not been paying attention to the Dagenham MP since he took …

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The stark reality of mental health

Maeve McCormack  |  10 October 2014

On World Mental Health Day today it is worth reminding ourselves of a stark reality: around a quarter of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of this year. Put more simply, this means that statistically that will be one of your parents, your partner or you. And so …

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Rehabilitation or retribution?

Maeve McCormack  |  3 July 2014

Noel ‘Razor’ Smith has a total of 58 criminal convictions and is thought to have committed over 200 armed robberies. He was first imprisoned at age 16 and spent almost all of the next 34 years in various prisons, never succeeding in ‘going straight’ on his brief sojourns when he wasn’t detained at Her Majesty’s …

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