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Martin Edobor is chair of the Young Fabians

Racism does not get benefit of the doubt

Martin Edobor  |  14 July 2017

In just a few days, the outrage over Anne Marie Morris’ comments appears to have dwindled. But it was not just an expression and it cannot simply be forgotten, writes Martin Edobor ‘Now we get to the real n****r in the woodpile, which is: in two years, what happens if there is no deal?’ These …

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Stop the NHS crisis from becoming terminal

Martin Edobor  |  12 January 2017

Unless the government provides the NHS with emergency funding, its winter crisis will become terminal, argues Martin Edobor Over the last few days, our National Health Service has been tested to its limits, as the winter crisis has become a national emergency. Accident and emergency departments around the country are experiencing a huge amount of …

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Arrogant and misguided

Martin Edobor  |  7 October 2016

Much of the rhetoric of this week’s the Conservative party conference speeches deployed immigration as a scapegoat. At times it was not quite clear whether one was watching a the United Kingdom Independence party conference rather than a Tory one. Nowhere was this more evident than in the government’s approach to the National Health Service. …

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Labour defence review must consider changing nature of warfare

Martin Edobor  |  21 April 2016

The first priority of a government is defence of the realm, protecting the public from threats at home and abroad. In order to achieve, this maintaining an effective army, navy and airforce is essential. Britain currently faces two major threats: first is the rise of Daesh-induced terrorism, and second is a more belligerent Russia. In …

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Unfair and unsafe

Martin Edobor  |  6 January 2016

With record accident and emergency waiting times, continuous breaches of two-week wait requirement for cancer patients and NHS trust throughout the country experiencing record deficits – our NHS is not only broken, but in a state of disrepair. The Conservative record on the NHS is appalling, and over the last few months the health secretary, …

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The ‘R’ Word

Martin Edobor  |  17 December 2015

Our politicians often highlight the virtues of Britain being a tolerant, open and multicultural society, comfortable in its own skin. Despite this, race and racism still feature strongly in public discourse. Many have argued that Britain has become a post-racial society and racism is no longer a major issue; however, Kurt Barling objects to this …

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Syria: the question of war and peace

Martin Edobor  |  4 December 2015

The decision to enter a war or to extend the remit of a conflict is never an easy one. For hundred of years philosophers and theologians have grappled with the ethical and moral difficulties of war. Saint Augustine argued that some wars are necessary to overcome evil. This perspective applies today to the current crisis …

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We can end UK homelessness by 2030

Martin Edobor and Sam Stopp  |  3 August 2015

Homelessness continues to rise and the government’s policy on housing and the welfare cap will exacerbate the situation. We are not building enough social or affordable homes, rights for those in the private rented sector are weak and landlords continue to act with impunity. This is contributing to an unstable housing sector, leaving millions of …

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Where will Europe go on defence?

Martin Edobor  |  2 September 2014

As tensions continue to rise over Russia’s continued incursion in eastern Ukraine, Federica Mogherini, European Union’s new foreign policy chief, has ruled out any form of military intervention from Europe. She used the first interview after her appointment to state that Europe going to war with Russia is not an option – only through a …

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The future of health: whole person care

Martin Edobor  |  10 September 2013

Labour enters the conference season following a difficult summer of bad news headlines and claims of infighting. Despite Ed Miliband’s bold move to redefine our relationship with the unions and blocking of a rush to war, Labour’s lead over the Tories is shortening. The economy is beginning to recover with favourable indicators; the OECD has …

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