Articles by Mary Wimbury
Mary Wimbury is Labour's lead North Wales regional list candidate.

Success versus excess

Mary Wimbury  |  6 November 2017

We need to talk about profit, believes Mary Wimbury Profit: good or bad? Sometimes it seems that as a party we do not know. Too often I hear people say disparagingly ‘oh, they are only in it for the profit’ or dismissively ‘they are in the for-profit sector’. It is as though profit has become …

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No turning the clock back

Mary Wimbury  |  17 March 2017

Progressives have a duty to ensure that the government secures a Brexit deal that keeps Britain open for business and prosperity, writes Mary Wimbury It is very easy to assume peace and democracy in western Europe are a natural state when that is all you have ever known. Yet, my dad fought in the second world …

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Making it work

Mary Wimbury  |  4 November 2016

Party unity is a consequence, not a condition, of leadership —Walking out of the hall after this year’s Labour party leadership result announcement, I was stopped by ITV Wales and asked for a reaction. I told them Jeremy Corbyn had made a conciliatory speech and I hoped that that would turn into conciliatory action. Leadership cannot just be about words: it must …

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We need to talk about compromise

Mary Wimbury  |  24 October 2016

I have been struck talking to new party members how often I have heard variations on the sentiment ‘I couldn’t be an elected politician, I couldn’t compromise my beliefs’. There is admiration for Jeremy Corbyn, based on his refusal to compromise, but also a recognition that it is something successful elected politicians need to do. The art of …

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Time for a kinder, less personally vicious politics

Mary Wimbury  |  27 June 2016

The people have spoken and those of us who wanted to remain in the European Union must accept this. I have no truck with the petition currently doing the rounds asking for the referendum to be rerun and nor should the Labour party. It would be a slap in the face to many Labour or …

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Together for Wales

Mary Wimbury  |  29 April 2016

As Labour’s lead North Wales regional list candidate I have been campaigning across the nine constituencies in the region: from the industrial North East to the Welsh language heartlands of the North West. We were narrowly beaten to the final seat by the Liberal Demmocrats in the last assembly elections and given the collapse in …

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Where are the Tories in our leadership debate?

Mary Wimbury  |  20 August 2015

This week, we hear the Department of Work and Pensions has made up quotes from sanctioned benefits claimants for a leaflet. These fictitious people were pleased they had been sanctioned because it made them up their job search game. No wonder they had to make them up! My experience is those who are sanctioned often …

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We need serious and civilised discussion

Mary Wimbury  |  14 July 2015

Sadly, the current row about what Labour will and will not oppose from the Tory budget is pretty irrelevant in terms of actually helping the people who will be affected by the change. However we vote, the Conservatives will pass their budget and their welfare bill because they have a parliamentary majority. A lot of …

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Making inroads to our rural supporters

Mary Wimbury  |  27 June 2014

There was a woman who walked nine miles, mostly down a 60-mile-an-hour, windy ‘A’ road because she didn’t have the bus fare and was scared that if she missed her job club appointment her benefits would be stopped. When the Tories announced that they would require claimants to visit job centres daily I wondered how …

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A bill to encourage home-grown SMEs

Mary Wimbury  |  20 August 2013

The most important issue in Aberconwy, like much of the rest of the country, is jobs and the economy. The latest estimate is that there are 3,400 people in the constituency looking for work. There are many more looking for a better job or longer hours as they are struggling to make ends meet. Last …

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