Articles by Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle is chair of Labour Party Irish Society and is a former adviser to Tony Blair from 2005-12, including in his role as Quartet representative

What Happened

Matthew Doyle  |  19 September 2017

While the book is clearly therapeutic for its author, Hillary Clinton’s account of the 2016 US election is far from an attempt to pass on blame, argues Matthew Doyle The title of Hillary Clinton’s new book on the 2016 presidential election – What Happened – is not followed by a question mark. But there are plenty of moments …

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Limehouse – A review

Matthew Doyle  |  7 April 2017

Matthew Doyle is (mostly) impressed by Steve Waters’ compelling drama Politics and theatre have long fed off one another and the attempt to ‘break the mould’ of Britain’s two dominant parties has been turned into a rewarding tale at the Donmar Warehouse by Steve Waters. Inevtiably the parallels with today will be the focus, but …

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Eight long years

Maeve McCormack and Matthew Doyle  |  21 March 2017

Will Donald Trump win again in 2020?

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A descent into caricature

Matthew Doyle  |  20 October 2016

Last night’s third and final presidential debate cemented Hillary Clinton’s frontrunner status in an encounter that was depressing to watch for what it said about today’s politics and the likes of Donald Trump. The headlines in America have focused on his answer refusing to commit to accepting the result. Having lived through Brexit, seen the triumph …

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Brexit and Ireland – time to mobilise

Matthew Doyle  |  17 March 2016

I am very pleased to be guest-editing Progress on this St Patrick’s Day at what is a vital time for both Britain and Ireland with the referendum on our membership of the European Union in just a few weeks’ time. Relations between Britain and Ireland have never been stronger since the two countries joined the …

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Eyes on the prize

Matthew Doyle  |  8 December 2015

The Democrats understand the power of the bully pulpit —Hillary Clinton entered the Democratic presidential nomination race as the presumptive nominee, with huge poll leads, only to see a combination of attacks on her record, some campaign missteps and a rival senator able to mobilise the grassroots to take it all away from her. That was …

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It’s not logical, Jim

Matthew Doyle  |  30 November 2015

Sometimes things happen in politics to question one’s very sanity, the rules by which you have always thought things operate. One such moment is Donald Trump’s rise in America. The night of president Obama’s re-election I wrote for Progress to say that surely now the Republican party would have to realise that there are not …

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After Obama

Matthew Doyle  |  9 December 2014

Matthew Doyle examines the names in the frame for the next Democratic presidential nomination November’s midterm elections in the United States generated bad headlines for the Democrats because the loss of the Senate means Barack Obama will struggle to get any legislative governing done in his last two years in post, short of wielding his …

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A matter of life and death

Matthew Doyle  |  26 September 2014

For too long mental health has been the neglected service in our health system, not receiving the focus, investment or attention it needs compared with physical health. With one in four people experiencing some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, and depression standing as the most common mental health issue …

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Hard Choices

Matthew Doyle  |  17 July 2014

How do you write a memoir that you want to be both a bestseller and yet not have any political hostages to fortune? ‘Relatively easily’ would seem to be the answer if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton whose new tome, Hard Choices, pulls the curtain back on her time as America’s top diplomat, even if …

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